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- Name of the place- Nautical Caper Inn

- How can it be used (only in its entirety/as is? Can it be used in other settings/as other places?) Enivi can stop by and easily enjoy a relaxing night near a coast when they are travelling. As long as it's by an ocean, then there's no static area for the Inn.

- "landmarks" or important features (essential pieces of the setting)
Three Floors, top two floors are rooms only.
Bottom Floor is an open common space with room for dancing, a slightly raised corner for entertainment, and a kitchen area. Alcea's room is also on the bottom floor. There's a pulley by the stairs where food can be placed, and sent upstairs, so one doesn't have to traverse the stairs while carrying food.

- A description or image, with an at least described palette- Most of the Inn is decorated on a seasonal basis, or a themed basis depending on the event. Winters tend to be greyish, Fall tends to be oranges and reds. Summers are bright yellows and bright blues, and Springs tend to be greens and pinks and light blues. Walls are white so they don't detract from the decorations, the visible wood trims are a darker mahogany wood.

- Any additional notes you'd like to offer- This Inn has a reputation of pranking it's patrons. All pranks played are simple and harmless.

- General etiquette in your space- Sometimes, the common area can get rowdy. As long as those sparring involve only each other Alcea doesn't step in. When they start to involve other customers, she escorts those involved out to the sea for a quick dunk of cold water, and then sends them to their room. For the most part, it's a quiet area and an Inn.

- Any of your enivi that may be included and what they may be doing/rules on inclusion- Alcea will almost always be around tending the front or doing chores. She does hire Enivi to help out. If you're wanting one of your Enivi here to work, then we can work that out!

I absolutely do not mind Cameos, but please ask me for about what she'd say if you plan on having her interact beyond simple yes or no questions. Yes, she will usually have whatever your Enivi would want for hospitality things. Yes, she'll be up for a race. No she won't have the super rare lily if you're on your quest up a mountain. She'll usually be seated at the front desk reading, cleaning a room, or in her own room, sleeping. (See

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