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- Name of the place- Wildest Seams

- How can it be used (only in its entirety/as is? Can it be used in other settings/as other places?) Tentai's Plush shop is wherever you might need it. Could be used in cameos, could be used as a whole place.

- "landmarks" or important features (essential pieces of the setting)- Tentai's shop is filled to the brim with unique plush critters of all sorts. It's lined with shelves, with bigger plushes on the bottom, and smaller ones on the top shelves. There's one 'L' shaped counter with an apparent wrapping station off to the side of the register, no extra added cost, and a set of stairs that circles widely to a second floor. Second floor is Tentai's living quarters and is roped off with a velvet rope. There's ribbons that sometimes trail down the stairs.

- A description or image, with an at least described palette- Natural, Bold, and Pastels are what Tentai uses in his plush creations. During the autumn months there'll be spookier creations lining the shelves. The colors tend to be varied in nature and you'll find a little of everything. His shelves tend to be made of lighter wood, in an attempt to make the space seem less stuffed. There's a couple of windows to let in light, and plenty of lighting when it's dark.

- Any additional notes you'd like to offer- You'll absolutely find a plush that you'll want here Tentai makes WAY too many. You will also absolutely find the shop open most days at around mid morning, and closing when it starts getting dark. Tentai absolutely takes breaks to run and grab food, and will lock the store until he returns.

- General etiquette in your space- No rough housing, but yells and squees of excitement are common. Just stay friendly, and Tentai will sell you whatever. If you're rude he won't talk at you until you've calmed down, and instead will pointedly continue cleaning, or straightening the sheves.

- Any of your enivi that may be included and what they may be doing/rules on inclusion- Tentai! Tentai will generally be helpful and make sure you find what you're looking for, then take payment and offer free gift wrapping. He's cheerful, and not really looking for an apprentice, but he might occasionally need help getting fabric up his wide stairs to his room. If you're doing anything other than basic selling of plushes, then please contact me and we can discuss what he'd be conversing with your Enivi.

2022-08-29 19:47:28