Comments on LF Seahorses in Item Sales & Trades

Nox Avatar

I need 10 more seahorses to finish off a full Oceanic set of genes.

I've got 9 goldies, 2 molas, and 22 sharks i can trade for it. Catfish are NOT up for trade. I do have other fish or bugs or feathers available as well.

Post here or DM me on Discord at Nox#4845

2022-09-04 09:24:25

Nox Avatar

I'm down with both of that. I'll set up the trades

2022-09-04 11:02:41

Tony Avatar
Tony Staff Member

I have the other 6 I'm willing to trade for your other 5 goldies?

2022-09-04 10:34:28

Synesthesia Avatar
Synesthesia Staff Member

I can do four seahorses for four goldies?

2022-09-04 09:30:08