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09/05/2021 Edited 09/05/2021

What Are Gems?

Gems are a specialty currency within the game that can be purchased with real-world currency. They can be used in the Hidden Cove to buy exclusive items, genes, and account bonuses. You can also use Gems to commission artists who accept them. Gems can also be used to buy custom-made items and bid on Sales Enivi.*

When you purchase Gems you're helping to support the growth of the site, and gaining cosmetic bonuses in-game.

Gem Sales

$9.99 for 50 Gems
$24.99 for 130 Gems
$49.99 for 260 Gems
$99.99 for 600 Gems BEST VALUE!

How to Purchase

To purchase Gems, respond here with the amount you'd like to purchase and your Discord name. We'll DM you for the purchase info and will apply the Gems to your account.


Q. Are Gems transferrable?
A. Yes! You can transfer Gems between accounts as well as trade them with other players.
Q. Can Gems be used to bid on Enivi in Sales?
A. For staff sales, yes! If it's a private sale by an Enivi owner/player then it would be up to that individual.
Q. Can I use Gems to buy items outside of Keepers of Eniv?
A. Gems are a strictly Keepers of Eniv currency, made with the intent of being used on Keepers of Eniv.

Along with our usual Terms of Service, please keep in mind that all Gem sales are final. Gems are not legal currency and are not legal tender. All prices are in USD. Payment options are via PayPal and Venmo. Keepers of Eniv cannot be held responsible for any damages due to purchasing Gems (including but not limited to bank overdraft fees, PayPal fees, or other third party charges). By purchasing Gems you are agreeing to these and our Terms of Service.

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I'd like to purchase 260 Gems
Discord name: Medd-Lee

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Approved and sent!

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I would like to purchase 130 gems, please.

Discord name: Syn

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Approved and sent!