[LunaeFest3] Quiet Reflection

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Inigo was lost in thought, recalling the passed down legends of and didn’t see the Astrologist walk by, look at him curiously for a little bit, and then stop right in front of him.  He nearly jumped out of his skin when the soft voice of the Astrologist echoed lightly with a request.

The Enivi’s eyes went wide, but he nodded.  There wasn’t too much of a point in continuing to ponder the old stories, when everyone else was still working, and the chance to be of help soothed some internal calling from his soul.  He followed after the Atrologist, and then set off where the path was indicated.  He set out with the vial tucked close, grabbed a couple of glow stones for his antlers, and started to wander on towards the spring.

The celebration noises started dying out the further Inigo had gotten from the city.  Rather than the energized sounds of excited Kids, and other Enivi shouting wishes to the skies in hope that Lunae would answer the requests, it was the persistent sounds of the night birds, somehow still active despite the colder weather.  While it hadn’t snowed recently, the snow still remained, and reflected the glow light in a slightly eerie fashion.  A chilled wind chanced to blow some of the remaining snow from the branches and onto Inigo’s head.  He struggled for a moment, before pulling off the skull he had been wearing, and shaking his head off, feeling naked.  He had gotten used to wearing the skull and barely removed it these days unless he had to, but the snow somehow getting into the space between skull and his hide necessitated some action to prevent it from melting on him.  He didn’t like being soggy.  The trip continued onwards, following the path, until he arrived at the spring.

The Spring itself was a sight to see.  The sky had been reflected in the waters, only broken up by the slight bubbling at the center.  The reflection of the sky seemed alive with the spring bubbling, and Inigo stood for a moment, transfixed, and almost regretful for having to break up the image by dipping the vial of water into the spring.  Inigo stepped forward cautiously, determined to help out where he could, and stepped into the reflection.  He only stepped in as far as his knees.  Any further and he’d have a hard time drying on the way back.  Uncorking the vial he had been given he dunked it below the waters and filled it.  He pulled it above the colorful spring, and then recorked it, stepping back out of the water.  Setting the vial on the ground for a moment, he pulled the skull back on over his head, and then gave the spring one last look for the evening.  For his intrusion into the spring, it seemed unchanged, and still steady as it ever had been.  He shook off his legs, ungracefully making the motions to remove excess droplets, and grabbed the vial as he turned to take the spring water back to the Astrologists.

[LunaeFest3] Quiet Reflection
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