Deadringer Disaster

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Vinca kept wandering around the festival, still looking around for someone who seemed to have the free time to take a stroll and go see this carnivorous plant she had happened upon.  She passed the food stalls easily enough, not quite hungry at the current time to take an in depth look, and ended up at a bit of a field with defined lines and what seemed like posts at a distance away. She stopped to take a look at the event curiously, overhearing some words from a couple of barkers.

“Come one, come all!  Test you aim and strength in a display of prowess!  Just get the metal shoes to the pole!  Face off against another, or attempt to outdo yourself!”  The barker seemed to be very eager in getting Enivi to play, and was waving around a multi colored flag with the shoes on it.  Vinca watched a couple of Enivi step up, giving each other friendly competitive jabs, and a friendly wager of a festival meal to the winner. The pair both grabbed a shoe in their mouth, lifting them up almost in unison, and tossing them over towards the post.  They repeated this a couple of times until there was a winner, and the pair wandered off to award prizes to themselves.  The Barker recovered the tossed shoes, and then noticed Vinca looking over.  “Oh, so we have a challenger of the Druaesi kind today?”  The excitement in their voice echoed, and she looked over confused, but excited that the barker had noticed her.  She moved forward, looking curious, and then nodded, thinking that maybe, if she managed to hit the pole, she’d be able to drag the barker away long enough to show them the plant.

The barker placed the shoes in front of Vinca, looking curious as to how the smaller Enivi would manage them.  Vinca, through her observations, bent her head to pick up one of the shoes in her mouth, aim towards the the pole and snapped her head upwards in an attempt to throw it.  While the technique seemed to work out well enough for the Ortusi pair she had been watching, her own attempts fell, a little miss aimed.  She didn’t let go of the shoe fast enough, and rather than sending it towards the pole, she sent it flying behind her.

The barker looked half horrified watching as the shoe arched towards a group of kids watching a hoof ball player balancing on a ball and giving a demonstration.  The hoofball player, a golden yellow, and mud toned Enivi, lifted her own head up, and caught the run away shoe with her own tall horns.  She snorted in laughter, tilting her head and calling out towards the barker.  “Missing something?”

Vinca looked alarmed and tried to make herself smaller as the larger athlete trotted over easily.  She glanced at the barker, and then back at the Ortusi.  The barker looked amused and then nodded.  “Seems like this Druaesi has excellent aim!  No one’s hurt and they hit a moving target.”

“I’ll say.  First time I’ve ever seen anyone hit a target they weren’t looking at!”  The yellow Ortusi smiled over at Vinca, who started seeming relieved that she wasn’t going to get in trouble for missing so bad.  “Let me get you something to eat for that display.”  Vinca looked at the other shoes, then at the Ortusi and scooted on away from the game following after the athlete.

“Buttercup’s the name!  Is there something I can call you?”

Deadringer Disaster
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