Dine and Dash

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Vinca started following Buttercup towards the food stalls, looking intrigued.  Did Buttercup know what those plants were?  Either way, the Ortusi continued to chatter on the way over, even though Vinca didn’t respond verbally to the chatter.

“Ah, you should try the fish and rice!  That’s always a favorite of mine.  It’s right this way.”  Vinca lifted her head at the mention of fish and looked like that seemed good about now.  The carnivorous plant had been temporarily removed from her thought process as they got closer to the stall.  The Stall itself was, of course, decorated with a dragon, but as far as the festival standards went it wasn’t as imposing as some of the other decorations.  The dragon decorating this stall was verdant green, with some silver paint and highlights, and a bit of painted flame aimed at a bowl filled with white grains and a fish on top.  Buttercup approached and ordered two bowls, using a bit of magic to float one over to Vinca, before eating her own.

“Just be warned, it’s got some kick to it!  One of the only times of the year that the spices get over applied honestly.”  She shrugged a little, seemingly perfectly fine with the spice levels.  Vinca looked at the dish, and nodded her thanks.  She took a bite out of the fish and rice.  Her expression, usually curious, changed from one of curiosity, to absolute delight.  Since she mostly ate whatever she had found raw, she hadn’t had ever had roasted fish.  The texture was much flakier than her normal fishing method, and she found it hard to grab more than a few flakes of fish alongside the rice.  This made the fish and rice blend more evenly at least, so she could have some fish in every bite, instead of favoring one or the other.  The spices, were something she was unaccustomed to while meshed.  She had foraged some spicy peppers before, and had eaten them alone, usually submerging her entire being in the water, so that the spice didn’t linger.  With the spices being blended into the rice, it made the flavor much less intense, but it also blended it with other spices to make a different type of flavor.  The heat of the spice didn’t last as long, but it did fizzle into a different savory taste.  Vinca made pleased sounding noises as she finished off the rest of her meal.

Buttercup watched as this Druaesi finished off the bowl, without any major adverse reaction to the spices, looking more impressed.  “Seems that you’ve found the festival entertaining!  I’m glad of that.  It’s always nice to see new faces.”  She grinned a little, having finished her bowl as well.  Vinca nodded, and then recalled the plant that she had wanted to share, before looking excited, and then nudging this Ortusi and dashing forward a bit and prancing a little excitedly.  Buttercup took this as an indication to follow, and followed along, looking amused at her new friend.

Dine and Dash
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