Sincere Selections

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Alcea was waiting outside the Inn, carrying an empty bag over her shoulders, and a wide brimmed hat to shield her eyes from the sun at least.  She flicked her tail back and forth to disrupt a fly from attempting to investigate further.  She glanced out to the sea, and then back at the front door, where Leilianna had just exited, also having dug out a hat from her wardrobe.  Hers seemed to be made of reinforced stretched silk and seemed to match a light gauzey hip drape made in the same material.  Alcea’s ears perked forward a bit, and she grinned.  Company was rarer when actually stepping outside the Inn.  Normally she had to keep some level of staff busy, so the rare jaunts where she could get interactions with a patron were exciting.

“Looks like you’re ready!”

Leilianna stepped forward, and started to lead the path, keeping an eye on the darker Ortusi with a nod, and some reserved suspicion that somehow she was still the one constructing an elaborate ruse.  What sort of Innkeeper just asked a Patron out on a small day trip without some ulterior motive?  “It was this way.  Not too far out.  Why do you need the shells?”  The Vespiri kept an ear pointed in Alcea’s direction and the other was poised forward, hoping maybe to catch that strange melody again.

“Ah, well, we’re planning a themed dinner in the upcoming month and the chells make for fun centerpieces, and when cleaned, good molds for food.  We have sandcastle cakes planned, and what’s a sand castle without a few shells!”  She followed a couple paces behind the bard, looking pleased with how the plans for that event were turning out.  “I’ve been meaning to get out for a while to gather these.”  She noted a particularly large scallop shell, before using her magic to yoink that gently from the sand, and shake it off making sure it wasn’t an alive critter and depositing it in her bag.

Leilianna also spotted a shell, and moved to directly lift it from its spot in the sand so she could help out a little.  “Thif one works?”  Her question seemed a bit muffled, and Alcea nodded, and opened the bag so the shell could go into the bag as well.  Leilianna blew a bit of air from her mouth to dislodge any sand, and then continued on.  “Not sure how many we’ll come across.  The area’s mostly rocky here.”  Alcea nodded quietly, mostly content to be enjoying the weather.

The pair traveled a little bit longer, mostly in silence as either Leilianna or Alcea picked up a shell and put it in one of the two bags they had.  Leilianna had laid claim to one or two that she’d found particularly interesting, and Alcea had a fair amount of unbroken shells and pieces.  The lighter Vespiri still reserved some suspicion about the Innkeeper, but Alcea did seem to be telling the truth about why she wanted the shells, and she didn’t seem to be up to anything suspicious.  The voice she heard last night couldn’t have been this Enivi either, having been speaking to her.  The cadence was a bit off.  They had finally reached the flat rock from the night before where Alcea spoke up, squinting out at the horizon.

“Is… that an Enivi?”

Leilianna also looked up, snapped out of her own thoughts, and glanced in the direction pointed.  “It seems to be one.  Should we go help, they seem a little far o…”  Her mouth dropped open as the Enivi out swimming seemed to dive under the surface and flash a tail?  Was that a tail?  She looked over at Alcea wide eyed, who was also staring slack jawed at the happening.

“I’d say yes, but I’m not sure exactly what that was, except I certainly didn’t set that one up, and they seem to be able to swim perfectly well if that tail’s anything to go by.”  Alcea seemed amused, and had started grinning.  “If they keep playing pranks on people in the way they do I’m content to have them as neighbors.  They can only help my reputation as the Inn with pranks.”

Leilianna recomposed herself and shook her head.  “I think I’d like to be kept aware of if they decide to come closer. Apologies for suspecting an elaborate prank.”

Alcea grinned.  “All part of my reputation, but thanks for the apology just the same. I’ll send some letters if any other guests have the same experience!”

Sincere Selections
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