Bug Hike

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Claris double checked her gear.  Bug net?  Check.  Bug cage?  Check.  Bag filled with snacks, first aid essentials, a knife, and water?  Also check.  She settled her bag and gear over her shoulders, being careful of her wings.  They were stronger than they looked, but also more delicate than most of the standard wing types one would encounter on Enivi.  She couldn’t fly, but they did provide a cooling system in the summer.  Claris was appreciative of that.  Most of her bug hunting and hiking took place in the summer and spring.  Fall and Winter she focused on pinning bug specimens, and planning her expeditions to other places.  This was a short hike.  She had planned to spend the day bug hunting in the local woods, and then returning home at dusk.  These short jaunts closer to her home were refreshing, to say the least.  She didn’t have to prepare quite as much as she would have otherwise.  Feeling prepared, she stepped out of her room, walking past her work station, locking the door on her way out.  She walked down the stairs, and past the gallery of pinned insects, stopping to straighten a book, before fully exiting the museum, nodding slightly at one of the concierges.  Claris got herself situated going in the right path to the forest for her hiking excursion.

Her direction took her through the market.  While she had snacks, Claris couldn’t help but slow down and wander a little between the stalls, currently setting out baked goods, baubles and wares.  Passing by a stall that sold pet items, she  paused to take a brief look, seeing if anything there could be immediately useful on this venture.  Collars, leashes, pet bowls, specialty seeds so one could grow flowers to attract thunder bees, and a smaller mesh net all were propped up and on display.  She stopped, giving consideration to the smaller mesh net, but shook herself and continued on.  She’d need to pick up pins from the Tailor’s soon since her supply was running low, however, for now she had everything she needed.  She steeled herself and made her way past the stalls without buying anything else.

Shortly, she had made it to the edges of the forest slowing her pace to an amble.  She stopped, taking in a deep breath and gathering the scents of the area.  Bugs were certainly active today, that much was evidenced by the buzzing in the air.  Some of the insect calls trailed out, only to pick back up with an increased pitch and volume.  The woody scent also indicated that there was absolutely some fungus at work, slowly composting trees that were long past their prime, and simply needed to be returned to the ground.  She might be able to find some interesting specimens out today.  Stepping lightly, but with purpose the storm blue Enivi ventured further into the woods, just following her nose.  The ground wasn’t as level as the path to the forest, and Claris often found herself stumbling slightly at a sudden drop in the ground, or scuffing her hooves against the ground as it started to go upwards.  Whenever she’d knock over a branch from its resting space by accident, she’d stop for a few moments and investigate the area.  The knocked over tree branch usually sent an array of beetles, isopods, or other crawlies scattering around so Claris could get a decent eye on them.  Every now and then she used her magic to gently drop a bug into her holding cage so she could work on identifying it later back at the museum.  She’d release them if they were common enough, but sometimes just the right specimen got added to the tanks in hopes of learning more about them.  Claris also moved the dislodged branch back to the original spots, to let both fungus and bugs do their jobs and thrive in the outdoors.

She had hiked to a small meadow.  There was a larger log in the center of the meadow, still strong enough to support some plant growth, although the middle was hollowing out, showing some of the roots from the plants that had taken up on this log.  From Claris’s observations, this log should be around a while longer yet, and it was a prime location to catch flying insects.  She took out the net, approaching the log, and keeping a very slow steady pace while looking around.  As she circled around to the side, she noted a speck of blue coloring, and maneuvered the net over the spot before it could get away.  A small twist entrapped the butterfly inside the net gently, and  Claris’s ears perked forward at her ‘win’.  She carefully untwisted the net, and goaded the butterfly into the cage with her other finds for the day.  Its wings weren’t damaged, and the other bugs in the cage shouldn’t cause issues for the trip returning to her home.  She had work to do when she got back.

Bug Hike
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