Somber Homecoming

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Kresnica shook his head, antlers deftly smacking a couple of leaves from the air.  Stella had chosen not to travel with him on this occasion, taking the time to bolster the defenses of another town.  He had heard mentions of attacking trees when they had discussed the matter, and they had both decided that she’d be best helping where she can by teaching, and just preparing in general.  Kres was also perfectly fine with coming here on his own.  Stella didn’t tend to take well to the sheer amount of magic in the air, nor the spirits roaming around, and since he had learned a little about the souls, he found them less frightening.  He also had a reason for being here this time around.

The sun was still barely seen over the horizons, so the festivities weren’t quite in full swing yet.  Vendors still had food and drink ready for travelers as they passed through.  Kresnica passed by a familiar shop, stopping to look at the menu.  This particular shop had a selection of glowing drinks, and fall salad greens.  The drinks were the focus here, as he remembered right, but the salads were also sizable and full of earthy flavors.  He was pretty sure that the vendors grew mushrooms year round for use in the salads, as well as going out to forage for other seasonal specialties.  The store also was also tended by a family that kept passing down the reigns, and the recipes to the next in the family.  Sliding into a seat, he glanced up at the menu, making a choice in drinks first, and then a choice in food.  It didn’t take too long for the shopkeeper to step in and take the order, and the currency, before scooting off to make the food and beverage.

Kresnica sat waiting for his meal, watching as some of the Kids in the area dashed around with miniature lanterns illuminated by the glowing glass beads that were a popular accessory.  He supposed he should do some shopping.  Stella might not have found the celebration too engaging, but Kres knew that she did on occasion like smaller accessories.  Maybe something to match her sunflower?  His food and drink arrived and he took a moment to give a polite nod to the vendor, and marvel at the drink.  It had been magic infused so it would glow a soft green, and some edible flower had been left to float in the minty beverage, looking a bit like one of the wandering souls.  His Salad wasn’t anything too special, mainly consisting of dense green leaves, and a smattering of mushrooms.  He dined quietly, content to observe, and push off his business for later.  Some Enivi may celebrate this evening, as the chance for getting to speak with family and loved ones would be a reason to celebrate.  His business carried a more somber weight to it this time.

Food finished, The male Enivi made his way further into the festival, taking time to look at some of the decorated stalls containing baubles and accessories.  Buttercup might also like something for her walls, or even something that was out of the way when she was playing hoofball.  A smaller storefront caught his eye and he was led into browsing after he had seen some figurines made from glowing stones, and polished to reflect the light in different ways.  There was an array of carvings from an Ortusi playing hoofball, to good luck charms that were polished to glow first and foremost from the center, giving off an inner glow.  Allowing himself a brief smile, he pointed out the Ortusi figure lightly, and then noted a pack of glowing yellow  beads, and pointed those out as well.  “Would it be possible to purchase those?”  The shopkeeper nodded, and started wrapping up the figurine, and the beads, tucking those into a very decorated bag with the shop’s logo on it, exchanging Star Shards in a quick and efficient manner.  “Thank you.”  Kresnica gave a flash of a cheerful smile before moving forward again, tucking the bag under his cloak, and moving towards the main temple.

He kept to an even, if kind of slow pacing, not quite fully picking up his hooves, and still partly resisting moving on.  It was apparent that something was weighing on his mind.  An Enivi couple passed by talking in hushed tones, and he shook his head again.  No sense delaying the reason he ventured in.  He also had to face the guilt?  He supposed it was guilt on his end.  A spirit drifted close by, landing on his nose, as he had stopped his plodding walk forward.  It blinked once or twice, giving off an encouraging glow, before it drifted out of sight completely, and then reappeared a little further ahead.  Under a mumbled tone, the Enivi steeled himself a little.  “Right, thank you for the encouragement. I… I won’t delay much longer.”

Somber Homecoming
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