Tumbling Butterflies

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Kresnica wandered into the temple, looking around for an empty space where he could focus.  It wasn’t difficult at all to call on any of the spirits during this time, but having a focal point made things easier.  Well, as easy as it could be to call forth a spirit that he only knew a name for.  Someone he had failed to protect, and felt guilty about.  Spotting an open brazier of water, the Enivi paced forward with an expression of grim determination.  He focused a little, closing his eyes, and pulling up the events of the day in his memory, not thrilled to do so.

He and Stella had taken on an escort mission.  A little bit out of their standard operations, and he couldn’t recall exactly why they chose to go on this one, but the pair had.  The going was relatively easy, and it didn’t seem like anything would be going amiss.  Famous last words however, and just as they were exiting a mountain range, some large feline had accosted the group.  He and Stella had split in attempts to confuse the beast, each taking charge over one of the two they were escorting to the destination.  Stella had hurried her charge forward, and he had gone the opposite direction with his charge.  He had been faster than his charge by a little, and in an act to put some distance between his charge, the beast and himself he threw up a barrier of fire.  His aim wasn’t the greatest at the time.  Rather than separating his charge, and himself from the beast, he had separated his charge from himself.  Without realizing, he had kept running, letting the adrenaline take over.  Once he hadn’t heard the beast he looked back, finding nothing.  No signs of anyone other than his own mad dash, and the sound of a still burning fire in the distance.  Stealth had taken over at that point as he worked his way back, being careful to keep an ear out for his charge, and his beloved and her charge.

He had managed to get back to where he had cast his spell, still hiding in the shadows, despite his spell still burning in a contained barrier.  Kresnica stood looking around carefully, and had noted the only set of hoof prints beyond his spell were his own.  His shoulders slumped and his head dropped, realizing he must not have managed to aim properly.  Continuing on, he kept creeping along in the shadows, wary of the beast that could still be in the area.  The beast had vanished for the rest of the night, as he recalled, and he had rendezvoused with Stella and her charge.  The following day was a blur as they set up camp for the evening, and pulled a search for the other Enivi in the group.  No signs were given of the body before they had to continue on.  The rest of the trip had been somber.  Kresnica and Stella had refused payment for this particular happening, and the event itself still stung.

The Enivi took a deep breath and reopened his eyes to find a spirit floating in front of him. The colors were familiar, and the shape even more so.  It took the form of three butterflies, each a different color, but each butterfly shifting between those three colors.  His voice caught in his throat for a brief time.  After a couple more deep breaths he finally managed to speak out, in the barest whispers.  “I… Thank you for arriving…”  Kresnica paused, before sighing deeply.  “Apologies for not being able to keep you safe.  I should have aimed better, I should have stopped and fought the beast…”  The butterflies tumbled out from over the brazier to float around Kresnica as he sat back on his hind legs with a small thump.

‘You did what you thought would work to protect us.’

Kres looked a touch bewildered that the soul was even speaking in his head.  He had thought that this individual had hated him?  But they had appeared and were speaking so gently?  The soul continued to echo in his head.  ‘It’s been some time, and I had a lot of time to think.  I’m not angry.  Sad that I didn’t have quite the chance to live my best life, but I’m not angry.’

Kres nodded, and swallowed the lump of pent up worry that had built up, still looking saddened.  “It… shouldn’t have happened.”

‘It happened.  It was too quick for anyone to keep track of.  You tried, and you managed to protect my friend!  You and your beloved at least kept them safe.’  The spirit swirled a little, until it blinked into an echo of its former self, a rather soft looking Lunaesi, and  actually looking happy?  ‘I’m glad that you felt regretful enough to say hello.  I’m content knowing that my friend is still alive.’  The spirit stepped forward to touch noses with someone who had been standing a little behind Kresnica, waiting for a turn at the brazier as well.  This Enivi looked alarmed that the Spirit Kres had met, would also choose to meet them too, but after a moment Kresnia noted exactly who it was.  He gave a small smile at the other Enivi, standing up, stepping back quickly.

“Ah, um, well met again.  Stella couldn’t be here today, but should I send my regards?”  The male looked a little awkward as the Spirit grinned widely, and then looked back to its friend, half dancing in its glowing form, the pangare marking’s showing off the brightest.  The friend nodded.  “Well met indeed.  I’m surprised to see someone else here for the same soul.”  They gave a wider smile.  “Maybe we can catch up after we’re done speaking here?  I know time is short when it comes to visiting.”

Kresnica nodded.  “I can wait outside.”

Tumbling Butterflies
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In Literary Art ・ By SynesthesiaContent Warning: implied death
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