Soul Observations

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Kresnica stood waiting outside the temple, listening to the upbeat music of the celebration.  The music itself was a call to home, and he found himself tapping his hind hoof in time to the drums.  He was still apprehensive about the idea of sharing some time with one of his former charges, but maybe it could diminish some of the thoughts of failure he had come to work on.  While he and Stella had talked in depth about the events and what had gone on, it didn’t feel healed, or even like it had happened in some ways.  Maybe too much introspection, and bottling up the emotions, rather than letting them out was the problem.  Maybe, having a decent drink with the other Enivi would start to smooth things along.  He started bobbing his head a little to the music, in attempts to shake the anxiety away.  Maybe it was something in the air this particular festival that was putting him on edge?

A few souls drifted past heading towards the interior of the temple, half dancing with each other, almost excitedly?  Kresnica’s eyes followed them, before looking curious, and concerned.  They weren’t dancing with each other excitedly.  More like they were racing to encourage the other soul to get closer to the Soul Gem in the temple.  That was odd behavior for this event.  Normally the souls liked to wander.  He tilted his head, taking in the festival with a more critical eye.  The meeting with his former charge could wait. It seemed like the souls liked the temple well enough, and there were many tenders around, so that should be safe enough?  He gave a worried glance back at the temple, and then started taking a step forward, nearly bumping into another frantic Enivi.  Kresnica’s focus shifted for a bit as he tried to get a decent look at this Enivi, but they seemed to disappear into the temple quickly enough.  A second tender followed the first, although this one seemed less frantic and more concerned about her friend.  He could tell that they were both new temple tenders by the soul gems they carried, and looked a touch concerned for them himself.

Recomposing himself, he set off trying to discover more about this strange phenomena and if anyone else also noticed the souls unwilling to move too far away from the temple.  His first stop was checking out the band playing and singing.  That was usually a prime place for souls to congregate, and show off by bobbing and weaving in time to the music.  Kresnica raised his head, looking over the crowd, taking in the details.  Many of the Enivi weren’t paying attention to the souls, and he could for sure spot a couple of Lunaeasi that were obviously here just to check out what the deal was.  Maybe they were also visiting friends?  It didn't quite matter in this instance.  What did matter was the fact that there were fewer souls swooping around Enivi.  Most of the souls that did seem to be out and about seemed to hover around chosen individuals instead.  Keeping an eye on some of the souls, he also noticed that they tended to move right back towards the temple when they ventured further from the chosen ‘protector’.  Kresnica stamped his hoof, deciding he should find a more experienced temple tender to report the findings to.  He flicked his tail out and turned to make his way back to the temple, before tripping over a kid, who gave a bit of a startled bleat.

He was quick to respond, his mission pushed to the side to tend to the smaller child.  A quick once over revealed that he hadn’t injured the Kid at least, and he nudged the small one back to their feet.  “Sorry, I got slightly distracted.”  His ears swiveled in thought and then he addressed the kid once more.  “It might be a good idea to go find your parents, or head home.  There’s something off about this evening…”

The kid got to their hooves and nodded.  “I’m lost.  Can’t find my mom or dad.  Can you help?”

Kresnica inwardly sighed, but nodded.  It would be remiss of him to not help out a kid when he saw one who needed help, and he could also use the time looking for the Kid’s home or parents, to see if he could spot a more experienced Temple Tender to tell his findings.  If things were to turn out strange, he’d also be in a good position to keep the Kid safe.  “I can help.  What do your parents look like?  And your house?”

“My mom’s an Ortusi!  She blends in with grass and my dad is a bluish color!”  The Kid perked up, keeping close to Kresnica as he explained his house as well, and also seeming a little spooked.  “So you’ve noticed the souls aren’t as lively as they usually are?  I Thought that was strange.  Think it means anything?”

Krensica shrugged.  “We’ll keep an eye out for a Higher ranked Temple Tender.  See if they might have any idea, give them the things we’ve been seeing.  They would know, I think.”

Soul Observations
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