Monthly Charity Raffle

Created: 10 July 2021, 19:35:24 PDT
Last updated: 1 July 2022, 08:43:18 PDT

Keepers of Eniv has always been very charity and community focused. Every few months, we'll be hosting a fundraising event for a different charity.


Thanks for donating!


Thank you for dontating to The Trevor Project!

We raised $150 for the trevor project


Recommend a Charity

Have an organization or cause you think we should back? We'd love to hear about it!
For us to fundraise for an organization they'll need to meet the following criteria;

  • Must be open for donations.
  • Must have existed for at least 5 years.
  • Must have a cause reflective with the values of our community.
  • Must have an established website with an address, contact information, and a history of using the funds provided to them for their stated cause.
  • Must not have ties to orgnizations or individuals which would not be considered reflective of the values of Keepers of Eniv.

To suggest a future Monthly Charity, just leave us a comment below with the name of the organization and a link to their website.


Donation Rules and Details

Keepers of Eniv is not affiliated with the organizations we are funding  unless explicitly stated. We are not claiming to be these organizations, nor are we claiming to be working with the organizations. We're simply working together with our community to raise funds for a good cause, chosen quarterly by the staff and community. Keepers of Eniv cannot be held responsible for the way the donations are used once they've been passed on to the intended organization. All donations are final and non-refundable. Donation Rewards do not hold USD value and cannot be exchanged for USD. In the event that a large-scale situation were to occur wherein we could not donate to the chosen charity, or were morally obligated to refrain from donating to the charity, the funds would be given to a similar cause in good standing. Please keep in mind that when donating you are not purchasing anything from Keepers of Eniv, this is a donation-based event wherein we offer a small reward to one randomly chosen donor as incentive to do good. The Enivi and/or item(s) involved in the raffle are still bound by our Terms of Service Agreement. Keepers of Eniv reserves the right to hold up to and not exceeding 10% of the total funds raised for cost if there is a cost for hosting the donation event. This includes, but is not limtied to, processing fees, conversion fees, and card provider fees. In the even that there is no cost for hosting the event, Keepers of Eniv will donate the full amount. Keepers of Eniv is not a charity, nor are we a non-profit. We're simply crowdfunding within our community. It is the choice of the player to donate, and Keepers of Eniv cannot be held responsible for any consequences of donating, including, but not limited to, bank fees, overdraft fees, or processing fees for the player. Entry into the charity event does not guarentee or promise any special treatment, items, rewards, or prizes. One Pride Chest per user will be granted, though tickets into the raffle are unlimited.*


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I've always had a fondness for Doctors without Borders.

2021-10-09 01:28:58

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