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Pasta-tively Amazing

Getting Creative


Spaghett hyped!
Noodle crafts are something we're taught from the time we're very young.
Give into that nostalgia and make a pasta-portrait of your Enivi!

You can use any sort of pasta you'd like and additional supplies are encouraged, though the noodles/pasta must be the primary media used.


  • You must own an Enivi to participate in this prompt.
  • You may complete this prompt once per character.
  • Images must be at least portrait.
  • Submissions must be clear, crisp, and not cluttered with unrelated objects (though feel free to set the scene with other props if you'd like!)
  • All general submission rules apply.


Reward Amount
Common Gachapon 1


No skill increase.

Stat & Level Rewards

100 user EXP
0 user points
25 character EXP
0 character points


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