Snowy Mountaintop Sunset

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Snowy Mountaintop Sunset
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A blue and white creature dashes lightly across the mountainous terrain, its smaller stature making its steps light against the untouched snow. The blue and white fur reflects the setting sun's light in an array of pearlescent colors, while the sun's rays flash off of its frosty horns. With the onset of winter, this little one is ready to complete their journey and join other Enivi to make the most of the icy wonderland that they have come to adore.

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Synesthesia Avatar
Synesthesia Staff Member

I love how the background and Perle actually contrast, but also blend.

2022-06-18 14:26:20

Greyson Avatar
Greyson Staff Member

I LOVE the movement in this piece! That stride is gorgeous, and the thumbnail quality is top notch.

2022-01-08 18:15:05

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