Explore the vast world of Eniv with your herd of Enivi. Earn currency and experience points by creating artwork, writing stories, and building your character's backstory. Participate in quests, events, and play games to solve mysteries and level up while you unlock the mysteries of Eniv!
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Mods, Map Pieces, Guest Artist Applications, and a Sophie's Shoppe Preview!
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Happy Wednesday fellow Keepers! As we head toward the end of the Festival of Fire and the month, we're excited to share some site-focused updates with you!   We're looking to bring on more moderators! Are you excited about helping your fellow Keepers? Do you have a passion for supporting ... Read more

Beauty Contest Friday Update!
Posted 2 weeks ago || Last edited 2 weeks ago

Hey there, Keepers! Happy Friday! We hope you all had a fantastic and safe start to July. It’s Friday, and you know what that means – the Beauty Contest has reset! Don’t miss your chance to enter your prized Enivi and win our exclusive Summer item: the Summer Beauty Contest Winner Wreath! &nb... Read more

Meet the Herds


Thumbnail for Lunaesi Example #1
Despite their diminutive size compared to the Ortusi and Vespiri, the Lunaesi boast the fluffiest fur of all the Enivi herds. Their deity, Lunae, values the pursuit of knowledge, and the Lunaesi equate their spiritual side to their wisdom. Like other Enivi herds, the Lunaesi possess innate magic, bu...
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Thumbnail for Ortusi Example #1
Known for their strength of agriculture, arms, and spirit, the Ortusi are a hardy herd whose empire once spread across the entirty of the herdlands before the current era of peace. The Ortusi hold physical strength and community in the highest regard, and believe that caring for everyone in their so...
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Thumbnail for Vespiri Example #1
The Vespiri are a unique and enigmatic race of long-legged, agile, deer-like Enivi with long, spiraling horns. They follow the deity Vesper, who cares for Enivi in death. Vespiri culture revolves around caring for the souls of those who have passed away, tending to their spirit until they are ready ...
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Thumbnail for Druaesi Example #1
The Druaesi are the smallest and most bewildering of the Enivi herds. They make their home in the Dark Forest, a place full of danger and mystery, where they have managed to thrive despite the perilous surroundings. Unlike the other Enivi, the bodies of the Druaesi are comprised entirely of plants, ...
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