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Self Love Self Care February!

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Hey Keepers of Eniv, get ready for some love and care because February is officially Self Love Self Care Month!

Let's take a look at what's going on this month in Eniv;

February Enivi Raffle

Love is in the air, and so are raffle tickets!
Meet Hidden Hearts, this month's adorable Raffle Enivi.
Instead of spending Star Shards at Sophie's Shoppe, earn your tickets by creating some heartwarming gift art for your fellow Keepers.
Draw or write about their Enivi, score a Raffle Ticket, and throw your name into the love-filled raffle hat. 
Don't forget to open your ticket in your inventory to enter!

You can enter as many times as you'd like, just remember to be kind to yourself and avoid burnout.



Give Yourself Some Credit!

Cheers to new, healthy habits!
Give yourself a pat on the back with our Self Love Self Care Point Chart.
Download it, track your self-care victories, and enjoy reminders and relaxing events in Discord throughout the month.

Everyone who participates and shows some self-love will snag a set of Mini Wings at the end of the month.
Slip-ups and missed days?
No stress, it's not a contest this month, it's all about kindness and honesty!

Mini Wings


Valentines For Your Valentine!

Spread love with a twist!
Send classic-style Valentines from Keepers of Eniv to that special someone on Valentine's Day.
Not ominous at all, these Valentines will remind your loved one just how much they mean to you.
Check them out here, or find them in our nav bar under "Games."


Kickstarter Peeks

Hold onto your horns – we've got sneak peeks!
February's bringing you a glimpse into our upcoming Kickstarter in March.
Our Crystal Enivi reward is still in the polishing phase (har har har), and we're thrilled about the positive receiption for them so far.

Make sure to join our Discord Server for regular updates, event announcements, and spontaneous fun.

As always, a massive thank you for all the love and support that has helped our game and community grow!
Happy Valentine's Day, and happy Self Care Self Love Month!

Icarus Finale! Event Reminders! Site Updates!

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EDIT: There were some issues with the claim system being used for the rewards, so we've swapped over to a prompt!

It's a beautiful day in Eniv, and the festival is in full swing!
Having delivered the latest ingredient to your friends, it's time for a well-deserved night on the town. 
Go, enjoy your night out at the festival—sample the food, the drinks, and engage in a nice conversation. What could possibly go wrong?

Check out the event finale here!

When You've Finished Icarus

When you've completed the event, be sure to claim your event rewards!
Follow the instructions in this prompt to claim your rewards.

We hope you've enjoyed Oathbreakers: Icarus, and we're looking forward to bringing you more in the future!

Monthly Raffle Deadline Closing In!

While you're doing that, don't forget to stop by Sophie's Shoppe and grab a ticket into this month's Raffle Enivi!

The raffle closes on January 31st, so be sure to get your tickets in!

Site Updates

We've had a few site updates over the last few days:

  • Our Community Promise page has gotten a refresh. Our promise to remain transparent, friendly, and fun has remained the same, but the formatting and some of the wording have been updated for clarity (and fun!)
  • The wording of our Harassment section of our Discord rules was updated. Again, nothing has changed, but we clarified what some of the terms being used meant (like "white knighting" and "gatekeeping"), and we condensed rules that were repetitive.
  • We're still working on the fix for our Dailies, but we expect them to be back up and running again soon!
  • Our Art and Star Shard rules have been updated, like the others, to be more clear. Nothing has changed, but we're working on our wording there as well.
  • Avatars showing huge in the gallery have been moved back down to their normal size.
  • The nav bar has been updated to add a link to our Discord server!

Icarus Part 3 Released! (And Updated Bugs!)

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Oathbreakers: Icarus Part 3 - Unleash the Adventure!

Good evening, Eniv!

We're bursting with excitement to bring you a special news update.
Drumroll, please!
Oathbreakers: Icarus Part 3 has officially landed, and we can't wait for you to embark on this thrilling new chapter.

Join the quest, meet new friends, and dive into the unfolding storyline. Get started on Part 3 right here!

Site Bugs Update - Smooth Sailing Ahead!

In the realm of progress, we've successfully tackled many pesky bugs on the site.
A massive shoutout to Newt and Wisperia for their tireless efforts in bug-squashing. Your dedication is the backbone of Eniv, and we're truly grateful!

While most bugs are now a distant memory, a couple still linger. Animated avatars may appear larger than expected on mobile, and our daily games (both wheels and Seren's Daily Gift) are currently taking a short break.
Fear not, our tech wizards are on the case! If you spot any elusive bugs during your Eniv adventures, please report them so we can swiftly address them.

We'd also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone for your patience during our recent power outage caused by winter storms.
We hope you've all been cozy, warm, and safe during this time.
We're eagerly counting down the days until we unveil the rest of Oathbreakers: Icarus.
Stay tuned for more Eniv magic, stay warm, and most importantly, stay safe!

Icarus Part 2 Released, New Games, Books, Raffles, and More!

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Hey there, Keepers!
Ready for an exciting ride through the latest and greatest updates in the Eniv universe?
Buckle up because we've got a thrilling news post packed with adventures, games, and surprises just for you!

Oathbreakers: Icarus - Part Two Unleashed!

Embark on the next chapter of the Oathbreakers saga!
Your new friends are buzzing with excitement over the Fish Oil you've provided.
Will you continue to join them on their quest for knowledge?
Brace yourselves; Part Three is on the horizon, and it's coming sooner than you think!

Exciting New Games Join the Fun!

Gem Jackpot Rush - Spin to Win! Take a spin on the daily Gem Jackpot Rush wheel and risk it all for legendary traits, Gem or Star Shard Jackpots, and more. The stakes are high and the prizes are dazzling!

Wheel of Wonder Update - The Wheel of Wonder just got a small makeover. The Common Make-Your-Own has moved to Gem Jackpot Rush, and we can say hello to the Uncommon Gachapon on the Wheel of Wonder. Unlock yours and see what surprises await you!

Picture Sudoku - A New On-Site Adventure! Indulge in a delightful yet challenging game of Picture Sudoku directly on Keepers of Eniv!
Match the images, solve the puzzle, and claim your well-deserved reward. Can you conquer the challenge?

Easy Access with the New Games Page!

Navigate your Eniv experience effortlessly with our brand-new Games Page!
Claim daily prizes, water your plants, play games, and optimize your time in Eniv – all in one convenient spot. Because who doesn't love efficiency?

Sophie's Shoppe - Festival Books Galore!

Sophie's Shoppe is now stocked with the once-missing books from this year's festival.
While not essential for the event these books are a collectors dream and are filled with intriguing lore.
Swing by and snag your copies before they vanish!

Star Shard Enivi Raffle!

It's raffle time again!
Purchase tickets at Sophie's Shoppe or win them on the Gem Jackpot Rush Wheel. On February 1st, 2024, we'll crown one lucky winner with this stunning Enivi as a token of our gratitude for your continued support.

 A massive thank you to our fantastic community for the unwavering support! This is just the beginning.
Stay tuned; we'll be back later this week with even more thrilling announcements. Get ready for more fun and surprises in the world of Eniv! 


The most magical time of the year has dawned upon us, and it's none other than The Starlight Celebration!
Get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting festivities brought to you by the Lunaesi, as we pay homage to Lunae, the All-Seeing, and embark on a celestial journey like never before.

Oathbreakers: Icarus

While memories of The Necromancer's haunting attack at The Guiding Lights Festival linger, two brave Lunaesi temple tenders have stumbled upon a mysterious artifact that could hold the key to preventing the next onslaught.
Will you join them in unraveling the secrets within?

Learn more about the Oathbreakers series, the thrilling recap, and how to get involved here!



The Starlight Celebration

Moonspire is buzzing with excitement as crowds gather to witness the breathtaking lights, indulge in delectable treats, and explore the awe-inspiring observatory temple.
Seize the opportunity to participate in a collection of celestial-themed prompts and earn some truly magical goodies.
Keep an eye out for new prompts as the event unfolds!

Check out the current prompts here!




Marvel at the Lunaesi's unparalleled cartography skills as they map out the land, sea, and sky.
Dive into the stories behind the stars with our Constellations section in the World Lore book.
Uncover the mysteries and wonder that adorn our celestial canvas!



Wishing Stars

The Starfall event, where vibrant shooting stars paint the Eniv night sky.
Take a moment to reflect on the past year and cast your wishes for the future.
Don't miss the chance to make your own wish here and let the cosmos weave its magic!

 make your own wish here!


Site Bugs and Updates

In the spirit of new beginnings, we recently underwent a cosmic site update!
Now you can revel in smoother site loading, enhanced features, and heightened security.
Despite a few quirks during the transition, our diligent coding team is working tirelessly to resolve any bugs and glitches.
If you encounter a bug, submit a report, and we'll swiftly address it.

A huge shoutout to the amazing coders for their dedication, and a heartfelt thank you to our resilient community for your unwavering support!

Looking Ahead

As The Starlight Celebration unfolds, keep your eyes peeled for our next big news post, where we'll recap the highlights of 2023 and unveil the cosmic wonders that await you in 2024.

Thank you for embarking on this celestial journey with us! We hope you can revel in the magic of The Starlight Celebration, and let the cosmos guide you towards a joyous and prosperous new year!

It's a Blizzard! Snowballs, Slime, and MORE!

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Time to grab your essentials—bread, milk, and eggs, Eniv is in for a snowy treat!
Puffy clouds sweep across the once blue sky, unleashing a wall of snow.
Whether you see it as a challenge or a chance for fun, let's dive into the excitement!

Snowy Scavenger Hunt

A brand-new scavenger hunt is underway, and the site is filled with surprises—snowballs and even a touch of slime?
It may seem odd, but no worries, the challenge is on!
Team up, share your discoveries in the Discord Server, and don't forget to bundle up with a cozy scarf!


Last Call for Wintery Eniv

Our Winter Sale Eniv won't stick around much longer, so act fast to make them part of your herd before they journey on in search of the perfect home.
These lovely Enivi disappearly on January 1st, so don't freeze up!

(Click the image to see the Enivi's sale page)
GEN-216: Ice Caster

GEN-217: Festive Dreams

Flash Prompt Extravaganza

With the whimsical weather, share your Enivi's adventures—reacting to the snow, hunting for snowballs, or discovering slime in the snow.
It's a Flash Prompt, so let your creativity flow, but don't worry about overdoing it!
Submit to the Sketches/Doodles/Etc Gallery by midnight PST on December 31st, and enjoy an extra bounty of 2 Snowballs and 2 Slimeballs!

Prancer's Gratitude and Gifts

A heartfelt thank you from Prancer for joining this year's Secret Santa Item Exchange!
Your generosity has warmed her heart. She's diligently sorted and distributed the gifts and even left a little something extra for everyone—just in case.
Prancer's still here for a few more days, so don't miss out on more surprises!

Thank You for a Fantastic Year

To our amazing Eniv community, thank you for a year of wonderful memories!
We're wishing you all a joyful winter season and looking forward to sharing more adventures in 2024!

Secret Santa Item Exchange and Other Site Updates!

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Get ready to spread joy and holiday cheer because the Secret Santa Item Exchange is officially underway!

What is the Secret Santa Item Exchange?

Enivi from all over come together each year to donate gifts to Prancer, who, in turn, spreads the love by redistributing them to fellow Enivi.
It's a heartwarming gesture that creates a cozy atmosphere across Eniv during the winter season.

To participate, send your thoughtful gifts to the Admin account. Whether it's items, MYOs, or Enivi looking to travel to new herds, every contribution counts.
Just remember, it's all about the sentiment – no currency is allowed!

Feel free to wrap your gifts with Sophie's Shoppe wrapping paper if you're feeling extra festive.
On December 26th, Prancer will sprinkle joy by randomly distributing gifts to everyone who joined, accompanied by an extra special gift from her.

Important Dates to Note:

Secret Santa Item Exchange Begins: December 9th, 2023 
Secret Santa Item Exchange Ends: December 25th, 2023
Secret Santa Item Exchange Gifts Given: December 26th, 2023
<a href=" Celebration Wrapped Gift" class="display-item">Holiday Celebration Wrapped Gift</a>


Hold on to your Sudoku skills – we're a bit delayed with the December Sudoku, but fear not, it's on its way.
Brace yourselves for an exciting, coded on-site weekly Sudoku game set to release this month.
We're skipping the monthly Sudoku to avoid any confusion, so get ready to dive back into puzzle-solving soon!


We've been tidying up Eniv with some fantastic updates!

Firstly, we bid farewell to duplicate items as we phased out the Marbled, Pearlescent, and Gilded Base Applicators, replacing them with the Rare Color-Changing Potion.
Enjoy the broader spectrum of options!

We're also sprucing up our Story Prompts!
Expect more details and beautiful images accompanying each prompt.
Our recent cleanups include Childhood Memories, First Blessing Ritual, and Family Portrait.
Stay tuned for more updates and new additions to our prompt collection!

Thank you for your patience as we continue to enhance the site. It's been a busy year, and we're thrilled about the exciting plans awaiting us in 2024!

Snow Globe Hunt, Candy Canes, Snow Balls, And Much More!

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Happy Monday!

Get ready to dive into a winter wonderland of updates and excitement – lace-up those snowshoes because we've got a flurry of quests coming your way!


Picture this: 10 enchanting snow globes hidden across Eniv, just waiting for you to find them! Hunt them down to earn the exclusive Snow Globe Collector 2023 achievement.
The catch? No hints here – it's a puzzle-solving extravaganza! Craft, earn, or buy your way to victory over the next few weeks.
Remember, this is a community event, so share the love and don't worry about keeping secrets.

Some globes are trickier to find than others, and a sprinkle of luck might be your secret weapon. Don't forget your dailies, they might hold the key to your success.
Check the full list of snow globes here to keep your quest on track.

Happy hunting, and may the snowflakes guide your way through this winter adventure!

<a href=" Canes Snow Globe" class="display-item">Candy Canes Snow Globe</a> 24-image.png <a href="'s Jingle Jam Jaubilee Classic Snow Globe" class="display-item">Prancer's Jingle Jam Jaubilee Classic Snow Globe</a>



As the snow gracefully blankets Eniv, keep your eyes peeled for a delightful surprise – Snowballs and Candy Canes have popped up around the site!

For all you newcomers, Candy Canes are like winter gold in our Event Shop, unlocking a trove of fun (and rare) traits and accessories.
Meanwhile, Snowballs are your crafting companions, helping you build your very own Snow Enivi.

Stay sharp – the locations of these frosty treasures might just change this weekend, adding an extra layer of excitement to your winter escapades.

<a href="" class="display-item">Snowball</a><a href=" Cane Group" class="display-item">Candy Cane Group</a>


We're back on track for seasonal updates!
The shops are bursting with goodies and the Beauty Contest is throwing Ice Crown Horns your way (enter now – it's not too late!).

Oh, and mark your calendars – our on-site gift-giving extravaganza kicks off next week! Grab some wrapping paper from Sophie and get ready to spread that festive cheer.

<a href=" Crown Horns" class="display-item">Ice Crown Horns</a>

Wishing everyone a week filled with joy, festivities, and successful snow globe hunts! Let the winter magic begin!


Winter Wonderland: New Dailies! New Prompts! So Much More!

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Welcome to the enchanting winter wonderland of Eniv, everyone!

We're thrilled to share some exciting updates with you in this late-night news post, giving you a sneak peek into the magical world we've crafted for the upcoming season.


Say farewell to the stress of maintaining a 30-day streak with our revamped Daily Gift feature!

Seren, our newest NPC, is here to make every day special.
Visit Seren daily and see how the gifts get better each time. On your seventh consecutive day, be prepared for an extraordinary surprise—ranging from rare traits to retired items and exclusive seasonal treats. Seren is a generous Enivi, so be sure to return the kindness!

Missed a day? No worries! Seren understands, and you'll restart at day one.

Much better than waiting for a whole month to roll over, right? Seren is eager to get to know each and every one of you!

<a href=" Paper Wrapped Gift" class="display-item">Pinecone Paper Wrapped Gift</a>


For those craving a challenge, Prancer presents the Winter Wonderland Advent Calendar (starting at 12:00am PST). Located in the navigation bar under games, visit Prancer daily throughout December for a unique winter-themed gift.
From a cozy cup of cocoa to more extravagant surprises, your daily commitment will lead to a grand reward at the end of the month.

Prancer, though less forgiving than Seren, is an Enivi of discerning taste. She keeps a list of those who miss a day and those who don't, so make sure to stop by regularly for that extra special gift!

<a href=" Celebration Wrapped Gift" class="display-item">Holiday Celebration Wrapped Gift</a>


Explore eight revamped winter-themed prompts designed for maximum fun and creativity!
These prompts will run through January, providing ample time for you to embark on exciting adventures with your Enivi.

Encounter mysterious gift bags, brave the magical cold and flu, or navigate through treacherous blizzards—your adventure, your choice!


Keep an eye out for snowballs and candy canes scattered around the site.
Use them to craft your own Snow-Enivi or purchase seasonal traits from the Seasonal Shop.
Accumulate these delights through prompts, dailies, the advent calendar, and site exploration.
They should start appearing in the morning on December 1st (PST), so be ready to collect them!

And don't forget to refresh your theme in Settings (located in the navigation bar under your name) to enjoy the Winter Theme throughout December.

<a href=" of Snowballs" class="display-item">Pile of Snowballs</a>


If you could choose one trait for the next Star Shard Raffle Enivi, what would it be? We're eager to hear your imaginative ideas!

Black Friday Events!

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EDIT: We've decided to extend the BOGO to MYOs as well for today only!

It's that time of year!

Black Friday Sales and Events are happening now on Keepers of Eniv. Let's take a look at what's going on;

New Enivi For Sale!

We have three beautiful new Enivi up for sale!

Festive Dreams

Ice Caster


Hot Chocolate


These three Enivi are all speciality made with hand-painted markings with paint-overs on their traits and touch-ups to make them blend seamlessly and look more beautiful and refined. 
Please consider checking them out! (Click their name or picture to go to their auction page).

BOGO GEMS and myos

EDIT: We've decided to add the BOBO to MYOs as well!

Gems are Buy-One-Get-One for the rest of the day today!
So, if you were looking at stocking up, now would be the time to do it!
While they can't be used on the Enivi above, they can be used in the Hidden Cove or on our other discounted Enivi here:

Discounted Sale Enivi

We have two  Enivi on retired (or soon-to-be retired) bases who are now greatly discounted despite their beautiful designs and legendary markings and/or traits!
These are available for real-world currency or Gems, so check them out here:

Snow Glimmer

Crystal Ice


Black Friday Star Shard Raffle!

Finally, we have a less real-world money based event for you all;
Our very first Star Shard Enivi raffle!
Winter Nights is available for raffle. 

GEN-218: Winter Nights

To enter, head over to Sophie's Shoppe and purchase a Black Friday Raffle Ticket from her. There are no limits on purchases, so have fun, though they are 100 SS per ticket (for new players, this may sound like a lot, but we'd recommend a few rounds of fishing and the spin wheel, or doing a few nice pictures for friends and you'll have it in no time! )

The raffle,  like all our other events, ends November 27th, 2023 at 11:59PM PST. 

Thanks for your continued support and we hope you have a safe and happy weekend!