A Promise to Our Community

Created: 6 November 2021, 19:13:39 PDT
Last updated: 20 January 2024, 23:11:14 PST


At Keepers of Eniv, we know trust is the most important thing in our community, and we uphold transparency and integrity with pride.
Your support throughout the game's development is deeply appreciated, and we're thrilled to craft an experience you can safely enjoy and share!

EmojiVespiriHappyBlush.png OUR COMMUNITY 

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to cultivate Keepers of Eniv as a safe-space community, fostering a friendly, stress-free environment for creative expression. We vehemently reject discrimination, embracing individuals from diverse paths, and are proudly LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC friendly. Our focus extends beyond the game— focusing on caring for oneself, the community, and the world.

We embrace change and support our community to create the change they want to see in the world. From volunteering at shelters or donating to charities to simply picking up trash they see or offering a friendly smile to someone, we’re proud to promote activities that make the world a better place.

Care for yourself, your online and offline community, and the world.

EmojiLunaesiHearts.png OUR FUTURE

From humble beginnings among friends hosted on a third-party site to a widely accessible automated game, Keepers of Eniv is still growing.
Our vision is a self-sustaining game, ensuring fair compensation for our staff and even bidding farewell to volunteer moderators over time.
Funding avenues include sponsored Enivi and events, Premium accounts, merchandise, and a lore-enriching book series.
We commit to never fostering a pay-to-win atmosphere, prioritizing our community's interests and listening to their opinions and needs. 

Your presence in our community brings us joy, and we eagerly welcome your thoughts and suggestions - and we thank you for them!