A Promise to Our Community

Created: 6 November 2021, 19:13:39 PDT
Last updated: 5 January 2022, 08:28:00 PST
At Keepers of Eniv, we value the trust of our community and strive for a high level of transparency and integrity.
Our community has backed us through the game's development, and we're honored to be able to create something you can enjoy and share with your friends. With that in mind, we'd like to keep our overall goals as both a community and company visible for our players;

Our Community

Keepers of Eniv is a safe-space community, wherein we work very hard to give our members a friendly and stress-free place to relax and flex their creative muscles.
We do not, and will not, tolerate bigoted statements of hate or discrimination of any kind, and welcome people from many paths of life. We are proudly LGBTQIA and BIPOC friendly.
Keepers of Eniv is focused on care for one's self, our community, and the world around us. We believe that even through this game we can work together to inspire one another to be our best selves.
Drink water. Eat a meal. Do something good for yourself.
Volunteer at your local shelter. Clean up your local park. Donate to your local food bank.
Pick up trash. Plant a tree. Cut back on your water waste.
Care for yourself, your community (online and off), and the world. 


Our Future

Keepers of Eniv started out as a small game between friends, who then brought their friends and so-on.
We're still growing and it's remarkable to see what was once a game run through self-tracking and staff manually doing things by hand, has evolved into an automated game that's much more widely available.
Going forward, we have many plans for Keepers of Eniv and how we'll continue to fund the game.
Our long-term goal is for this to become a self-sustaining game, where we can pay our staff and treat them well. We want volunteer moderators to be a thing of the past, even if it takes time for that to happen.
To help us accomplish this dream we have plans for a variety of funding avenues. Some of these include sponsored Enivi and events (we'll be sure to vet our potential sponsors), premium account options, buttons and pins, and even a book series to enrich the lore of the world and give more insight into our NPCs.
Even with these options, we're committed to never creating a pay-to-win atmosphere, and will always do our best to put our community members and their interests first.
With these being said, we're so happy to have you within the community, and we're always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions.
Thank you very much for being part of Keepers of Eniv.