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[Open] Golden Night

Posted 3 days ago :: Last edited 3 days ago by Tony

Golden Night

Golden Night is a beautiful Vespiri in search of their home.

Luxurious has never been a strange word for Golden. 
From treasure scales to beautiful, glistening markings, Golden has always been one to enjoy the shimmering and sparkling. 
Luckily, inner beauty is no stranger to them either. 

Golden Night is one of our special, customized sales Enivi!
Each of their markings was hand-painted and adjusted to fit perfectly. 

Make them yours today!

The lucky individual who takes this Enivi home will also be given a Rare Gachapon as a special gift.

If you spend $80 or more, you'll also be granted a one-time staff customization for this Enivi!

If you spend $100 or more, you'll be given a colored sketch of the Enivi of your choice!


Purchase Notes:

This Enivi is "PWYW" (pay what you want) starting at $50(USD). 
If the buyer spends $80 or more they'll also be granted a one-time customization of the Enivi. 
This means when they add markings or change traits for the first time, the Enivi can be updated by staff (rather than the player having to change the psd).
This must be used during the first customization.
As with any other character update, you must use items you already own. 
If the buyer spends $100 or more, they'll also be given a colored sketch of the Enivi of their choice!
The Enivi doesn't need to belong to the buyer (this may be a gift). No WIPs will be given, however, changes will be made if there is something incorrect about the Enivi in the sketch (such as glaring anatomical errors or design inconsistencies).

This Enivi design can be purchased without auction. To purchase the Enivi, simply comment on the post that you would like to buy them or DM Tony on Discord to arrange payment.
Golden Night is first-come-first-served, meaning the first person who offers to claim this Enivi and is the first to purchase them.
Payments accepted via PayPal and Venmo in USD. Payment is due at the time of purchase.