Rules and Community Guidelines

Created: 28 June 2021, 22:35:27 PDT
Last updated: 14 December 2022, 08:28:17 PST

Community Guidelines

Keepers of Eniv is a safe-space community. We strive to maintain a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for our users and staff alike. To maintain our positive community experience we have a Community Code of Conduct that we expect all our members to abide by.

Please note that this is not a complete list of rules. For our Terms of Service click here.

These rules apply to usernames, forum posts, community based conversations, comments, bios, and all other areas which users may enter text or images within our community. In extreme situations we may take behavior outside of the community into consideration as well, including but not limited to, private messages on 3rd party apps or sites that have been deemed harmful or threatening toward our users or staff.

Access to Keepers of Eniv is a privilege, not a right, and we reserve the right to suspend or terminate access as outlined in our Terms of Service.

General Rules


Harassment of any kind is not tolerated within our community. This includes, but is not limited to;

  • Racist, homophobic, transphobic, sexual, targeting, or hateful remarks either directed at a group of people or single person - member or not. 
  • Making disparaging remarks about another individual's mental health. 
  • Slurs used in any context. 
  • Remarks or artwork created with the intent to spark violence or spread hate. 
  • Targeting anyone inside or outside our community with remarks intended to damage the other individual. 
  • White-knighting of any kind. 
  • Gatekeeping of the community.
  • Mini-modding. Being helpful and answering questions with links to official sources is always welcome. 
  • Begging for assets or services.
  • Attempting to bribe the staff.
  • Falsely reporting or threatening to falsely report a member of the community. 
  • Threatening violence to a community or staff member.
  • Public blacklists. 
  • Impersonating another individual for self gain.


Please be courteous when speaking in chat or posting images.

  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t link to offensive, hateful, or troubling content. 
  • Don’t post flashing or vibrating images or gifs. 
  • Don’t share, direct people to, or promote activities deemed illegal in the USA. 
  • Don’t post or link to NSFW content (images or otherwise). 
  • Don’t discuss real-world politics or religion.
  • Keep posts in their correct channels.

Game Play

  • Don’t exploit loopholes or glitches.
  • Don’t scam or attempt to scam other players.
  • Don’t “grind” at the lowest possible art quality in an attempt to gain points, items, or other in-game assets dishonestly.
  • Don't create multiple accounts.
  • Don’t “leak” information not yet available to the general public.


Plagiarism is not tolerated within our community. This includes but is not limited to;

  • Tracing photos, screenshots, or artwork you do not own without permission. 
  • Heavily referencing another person's work without permission and credit. 
  • Posting artwork that is not your own without a link to the artist who created what you've posted. (Crediting "Google search" does not count) 
  • Posing as another individual or claiming ownership to a piece that you do not own and did not create.
  • Using bases without crediting the original artist, or trying to pass bases you have not created off as original work.
  • AI generated artwork is not permitted on Keepers of Eniv.

Art Content

Please note that while we do accept a wide array of artwork, there comes a point where we must draw a line. We expect our community members to have a good sense of morality, but these rules need to be set. We do not accept the following;

  • Art created with the intent to spark violence or spread hate. 
  • Art that represents a hurtful stereotype of any person, group, or culture. 
  • Art which appropriates aspects of a culture in a harmful way.
  • Art which could be considered fetish work or pornography by a level-headed individual. 
  • Art which contains genitalia.
  • Work which depicts a minor in any situations that could be considered illegal by a level-headed person. 
  • Art that could trigger severe medical reactions (ie: flashing images, eye-strain, etc.).

Photobashing is allowed as long as 80% of the work is the artist's creation.

If you’re unsure of if your piece falls into any of these categories, feel free to reach out to us to ask. We’re here for you!

Other Rules

Other areas of the game and site may have additional rules. You can find our Terms of Service here.

Artwork Submissions For Star Shards/Quests/ETC

The following rules apply to works submitted for Star Shards within the game.

  • All General Artwork rules apply.
  • Art pieces submitted for rewards must meet the criteria honestly for the points being awarded.
  • Rewards will only be granted for portions of artwork containing characters canon to Keepers of Eniv.
  • Artwork should be submitted to our Gallery for approval and rewards.


Sales and Trades


Enivi, items, and Keepers of Eniv artwork can be bought, sold, and traded within the community. Please note that Keepers of Eniv cannot be held responsible for any loss when these situations do not include the site itself. However, if you find yourself in the situation where a member has scammed you, please contact staff immediately. While we cannot promise a resolution, we’ll be happy to investigate the situation.

Cross Site Player-to-Player

Keepers of Eniv allows players to trade cross-site with other games that allow cross-site trading. 

This means that if you play more than one SIM or ARPG game and wish to trade between them, you're welcome to as long as it's within the constraints of Keepers of Eniv and within the rules of the third party game.


  • If you play a dragon SIM game and want to trade a Keepers of Eniv item for a dragon SIM item, you're welcome to as long as the dragon SIM game allows this in their rules as well.
  • If you play another ARPG and want to trade ownership of your Enivi with someone from another ARPG, you're welcome to as long as the other ARPG allows this in their rules as well, and the new owner of your Enivi has an account on
  • If you play a lion SIM game and want to trade your Enivi for another player's lion on the lion SIM game, you're welcome to as long as the lion SIM game allows this in their rules as well, and the new owner of your Enivi has an account on

Please note that while we won't punish anyone for trading Cross-Game, we can't offer support for it.


All sales of Enivi, genes, custom images, and other items between Keepers of Eniv and players are final. While the purchase of a character does give the rights to the design itself to the purchasing player, this does not imply transfer of other rights. This includes, but is not limited to, the rights to Enivi, Keepers of Eniv, or any official artwork, items, or concepts. Purchasing from the site does not grant rule-breaking privileges to any player, and Keepers of Eniv reserve the right to enforce our rules regardless of purchases (past, present, or future). 

If there is an error with your purchase, Keepers of Eniv will rectify the error to the best of our ability within our rules and terms of service. Our players are important to us!

I still have questions

If you have questions or concerns you can always reach out to us through Email or Discord. 

We're here for you!