Terms of Service

Created: 27 June 2021, 17:53:00 PDT
Last updated: 12 January 2022, 10:45:16 PST

Please note that these policies go hand-in-hand with our Privacy Policy, Community Rules and Guidelines, and General Rules.

Users must be at least 16 years of age to participate in Keepers of Eniv. By participating in Keepers of Eniv activities, including, but not limited to, monthly events, obtaining an Enivi, and collecting items , Gems or Star Shards, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms herein. You also agree to be bound by all applicable laws and regulations, and to be responsible for any and all applicable local laws. If you do not agree with these terms, you are prohibited from participating in Keepers of Eniv in any manner.

The materials of Keepers of Eniv are protected by applicable copyright law.

In no event shall Keepers of Eniv be liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use our services.

Accounts and Player Profiles

When registering for a Keepers of Envi account or player profile you are agreeing to the following;

  1. To provide accurate, truthful information upon signing up and/or joining, and to update the information as it changes over time.
  2. To have only one account with Keepers of Eniv.
  3. To abide by the Community Rules and Guidelines.
  4. To refrain from sharing accounts or player profiles, and account information with other users. Users are solely responsible for their accounts and player profiles, and for creating a strong, secure password.
  5. Your account, player profile, and/or achievements may not be sold or transferred to another player.
  6. Keepers of Eniv reserves the right to suspend or ban an account or player at any time, for any reason, with or without notice.
  7. Keepers of Eniv reserves the right to reject artwork and the points that may have been earned if the piece violates our rules or does not meet our guidelines.
  8. Discussion of events relating to your own, or another player’s suspension or ban are prohibited on Keepers of Eniv and it’s related groups. If you would like to dispute the action of a staff member, feel free to contact Keepers of Eniv directly and we’ll happily investigate the matter for you.
  9. Accounts not fully registered and activated within 45 days of signing up are subject to removal. - Updated January 12, 2022.

Code of Conduct

  1. Content deemed illegal within the United States of America is prohibited within Keepers of Eniv. This includes posting links or resources regarding illegal material. 
  2. Do not post spam, or post unsolicited advertisements in public areas of Keepers of Eniv or it’s related sites and/or groups where not designated.
  3. Do not attempt to trick or mislead community or staff members.
  4. Do not give out your personal private information. Remember to keep yourself and your account safe while communicating online.
  5. Harassment of any kind is not allowed on Keepers of Eniv or it’s related sites and groups.
  6. We do not allow work or remarks of a hateful, discriminating, or threatening nature.
  7. We do not allow plagiarism, copied, or traced work.
  8. Pornography of any kind is not permitted.
  9. Do not exploit glitches or loopholes. If you think you’ve found a glitch or loophole, contact us immediately.
  10. Scripts, bots, or third-party software designed to give you an unfair advantage or to play the game for you are not allowed.
  11. Duplication of Gems, Star Shards, items, or Enivi is not allowed.

Purchases of Virtual Assets

Keepers of Eniv uses a virtual currencies for in-game purchases, and also sells virtual assets such as Enivi character designs and companions. These can also be earned through games and events, exchanged between players, and occasionally purchased directly from Keepers of Eniv. The following conditions apply;

  1. All purchases are final and non-refundable.
  2. Players who attempt to issue charge-backs or false claims of fraud will be banned from Keepers of Eniv, and all rights to Keepers of Eniv content revoked.
  3. All purchases made, with real-world currency or virtual currency purchased with real-world currency, for Keepers of Eniv are for the use of the item or Enivi and do not apply any transfer of rights or personal ownership.

Third Party Links

At times, there may be links posted that lead out of the Keepers of Eniv site or official groups. Keepers of Eniv cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites, and advises members of the Keepers of Eniv community to proceed with caution. Links to or from third party sites does not imply affiliation or partnership with those entities.

Copyright and Use of Artwork

Some images or files made explicitly for use within Keepers of Eniv may be made available for community use as well. This is not an indication of transfer of rights, personal ownership, or an abandonment of copyright. All rights to the work and/or files are still retained.

Used work;

  1. Must retain the copyright notice and logo of Keepers of Eniv.
  2. Must provide a link or URL to KeepersofEniv.com.
  3. Reskins designed for Keepers of Eniv remain the property of Keepers of Eniv.
  4. Cannot be used outside the Keepers of Eniv community.
  5. Cannot be used to promote hate, harassment, or in a pornographic way.
  6. Cannot be sold or included in a package with intent to sell the assets themselves. 

Users may create fan-art, and may create and commission paid pieces of Enivi and Keepers of Eniv characters. Physical items created with official Keepers of Eniv content must be limited to 5 products per production, and must not compete with the sale of Keepers of Eniv merchandise. Keepers of Eniv and it’s owners are in no way responsible for transactions or agreements between outside sources, and will not intervene in matters occurring outside of Keepers of Eniv.

Submitting your work to Keepers of Eniv or it’s associated groups gives us the right to display your work on our site and groups with credit to you, royalty-free. This does not remove your right to the original work. If you would like your work to be removed, contact a staff member via our Discord server. The piece will be removed within 1 week of the message being received.

Artwork Hosting

When you submit your artwork to the site, you're granting Keepers of Eniv a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce, re-format, store, distribute, and display your work publicly on our platform. This does not grant us the copyright to your work, and we will never use your work for merchandise without your permission, though we may display it on our front page and on our social media platforms with a link back to you to showcase work submitted to the site.
If you would like us to refrain from using your work in our showcases, please make a note of such in your work's description at the time of submission.
Please keep in mind that when you publicly upload your work to the site it does make the work available for viewing by third parties who may or may not distribute your content in violation of these terms. Keepers of Eniv, it's staff, and associates do not condone these actions and does not participate in the redistribution of your work outside of our site and social media platforms. Keepers of Eniv cannot be held responsible for the actions of third parties.

Custom Commissioned Content

When purchasing custom content from Keepers of Eniv directly,  you’re agreeing to additional rules on the site. These pair with our other site rules and are enforced by our Administrative and Moderation Teams.

When purchasing Custom Commissioned Content from Keepers of Eniv, you’re agreeing to the following;

  • The Custom Art Team and Keepers of Eniv have the right to reject your work order at any time and for any reason, with or without explanation. 
  • Down-payments made are not refundable, and all sales are final. 
  • To communicate with our Custom Art Team with mutual respect. 
  • To follow our Custom Commissioned Content rules.

Rights and Ownership

All work created with the intent of use by Keepers of Eniv is the property of Keepers of Eniv. Purchasing a recolor or reskin of the content does not transfer rights. When purchasing an Enivi design, you are purchasing the design itself and not Enivi, Keepers of Eniv, or Keepers of Eniv assets.


Keepers of Eniv, it’s owners, and associates cannot be held liable for any damages, losses, expenses, and/or costs, including attorney’s fees, pertaining to the use or inability to use or participate in the content on or from Keepers of Eniv, the Keepers of Eniv site, or any of it’s official groups or affiliates. Keepers of Eniv cannot be held responsible for the actions of the community or players.

Keepers of Eniv and all contained materials are distributed and transmitted on an “As Is” and “As Available” basis, without warranties of any kind, implied or otherwise.


This Agreement contains the entire understanding of the parties hereto relating to the subject matter hereof, and cannot be changed or terminated orally. If interpreting this agreement in another language, the English version shall be the one withstanding.


Keepers of Eniv may revise these terms of use at any time. Updates will be announced on our website. By continuing to participate in World of Eniv, you are agreeing to the modifications.