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A small group consisting of 7 Enivi; Sky, Drew, Fox, Eve, Loki, Sapphire, and Sophia make their way into the dense jungles. Eve and Sky were leading as they knew what to avoid and what was safe for the most part, Sapphire stayed behind everyone to watch over the Trouble Duo that Loki and Fox tend to be, while Drew and Sophia attempted to help each other with their anxiety of moving through these jungles. After about half an hour of calm and peace besides the Trouble Duo snickering and murmuring; they bolt off the path in opposite directions and the group stops.


“Sapphire, you got Loki?”

Sky takes a few steps to show they were about to head off the path. Sapphire nods and heads off the path after Loki as Sky follows Fox.


Sapphire, despite being a bit small for a Vespiri, is very quick on her hooves and didn't take long to see a tiny Loki in the distance.


“Loki! This isn't the time to goof off! There's plants and creatures wanting us as a snack!”


“Oh like what? Giant snakes! Maybe bugs! Oh no a lily is gonna eat us!”

Loki laughs as he lets Sapphire catch up; and then her breath.


“What…. was your guys' plan…. anyway? Run off and… get lost?”


“Nah, we saw the map before leaving so we were just gonna run out then up ahead of the group.”

He starts to trot semi towards the path before something snaps less than 20 meters behind them.




Loki looks back to see her ears are pinned down and she is low to the ground, he follows suit. Sapphire creeps to his side before signaling to be quiet and to follow, Loki nods and the two start to slowly walk to the path. There's another snap; much closer this time, Sapphire looks around but not seeing anything she presses Loki to keep moving.


[switch to Sky and Fox]


“You two didnt consider Drew and Sophia’s fears?”

Sky had her pinned down as they walked back with Fox. Fox’s head was low.


“That's why I was heading back earlier than planned… I realized it was cruel to scare them even more like that.”


“Maybe they will forgive you with the change of heart”


“I hope so…”


The two get back to the group, Sophia body checks Fox hard to show her displeasure in what he did before sitting with her back to him. Drew doesn't seem to even want to acknowledge Fox is back, and sits by Sophia. Fox makes sure his steps can be heard as he approaches.


“I'm sorry… I realized that it probably terrified you two more than it was worth. Loki and I were only gonna run and meet you guys up ahead… I was on my way back when Sky found me.”


Sophia looks over to Sky, who nods to confirm what he said. She stands up and presses her hoove against his chest while staring darkly into his eyes.


“I won't run off again”


She lowers her hoof and nods. Drew looks between the two.


“I’ll give you another shot… If Sophia can”


“Thank you”

Fox smiles.


There's a scream in the direction Sapphire and Loki went; Sky without hesitation sprints back into the jungle.


[switch to Sapphire and Loki]


Sapphire and Loki were running from a shadowy figure, Loki was in tears, having not thought through what to do about the creatures here. Sapphire was focused on keeping them safe. They became cornered and Sapphire stood between Loki and the shadowy beast.


“I'm going to get it chase me… you run to the path”


“What! Sapphire, you're going to be killed!”


“Then maybe you and Fox will learn not to do this kind of stuff”


Sapphire trots a small distance away and makes herself look injured as she whines in faked pain; it sounded pretty real though. Loki hid in the bushes trying to be quiet, waiting for it to be safe to run. The beast didn't seem to be tricked and was nearing where Loki was before a blur of blue, white, purple, and green collided into its side; the beast is stunned to see an Eniv trying to fight it off. Sapphire comes back and helps fight off the beast until it runs off. She turns to see Sky trying to catch their breath.


“Your insane”


“So… are you… faking an… injury”


“We should head back.”

Sapphire looks at Loki concerningly.


“Do you know how to camouflage?”


“Yeah… i'm hiding in a green bush; you just have really good eyes”


The bush in fact was not green, instead it was a reddish brown color.


“Ok… maybe fear short circuits your brain.”

She starts walking back.


Sky walks to Loki.


“The bush is a reddish brown… we may want to get your eyes checked at some point”


Loki nods and heads back with Sky not too far behind. He wasn't able to get forgiveness as easy as Fox; but he did as the group reached the city where the festival was to be hosted. They were all in awe of the architecture that was built around the deep waterfall; they were welcomed by locals and shown around.

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