Old Soul, New Friends

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Delphi looked at her surroundings in awe; the entire temple was brightly colored with crystals and souls. Her mother had brought the triplets to the Guiding Lights Celebration, the kids' first time, and they were all excited about it.  Each child looked around and was amazed by all the activity around them.  Delphi focused on all the different Enivi, trying to guess where each one of them came from.  Looking at her siblings, she guessed that Casey was trying to figure out the meanings of the different festivities, while Bellaana was probably thinking about the pranks she could pull. Their mother stopped them before they entered the main temple, "Now kids, I know you are all mostly grown and know how to act, but please remember this is an important festival for every Enivi here. It is a time to connect with their passed loved ones, as well as those who have been long missing."


A chorus of "Yes mom," followed her words and the blue Ortusi turned and walked into the temple.  They had barely entered when a small Vespiri hopped up to them, "Hey Eira! Glad to see you here..."


Delphi phased out of the conversation and went back to looking around.  After a few seconds, she looks at her siblings and rolled her eyes, to which they both nodded at her.  The agreed sign of annoyance was all she needed to nod her head in another direction and the group of younglings quietly walked away from the two Enivi, "Do either of you know who that is?"


"No, but you know mom knows a lot of people because of her work. Probably a traveler she met at one point or another," said Casey, who amongst them was the problem solver. Bellaana seemed distracted by all the people walking by and Delphi caught her quickly sticking out her leg to trip a Lunasei walking by.  A snort of laughter bubbled out of Delphi, but she turned her head away so her sister wouldn't get caught. She focused on why she wanted to come, talking to souls. Each one the group passed she greeted hoping they would respond, but none of them did to her disappointment. Taking a break from her self-assigned task, she glanced at Casey and saw him back observing the culture of the festival.  Typical Casey was always trying to learn more, while Bellaana continued to pull small pranks on the poor Enivi passing them.  No one ever expected the youngster and Delphi was not sure if it was because of her pretty face or because she was young.  Either way, Delphi tried not the give her away by staring for too long and turning a blind corner.  She had not realized that the noise of the festival had quieted down and fewer and fewer people had passed by until that point.  Looking around, she noticed that they were alone without a single Enivi in sight.  Her siblings noticed at the same time as Bellaana asked, "Either of you know where we are?"


"Now why would we know where we are if you don't?  None of us have ever been here."  Casey stated annoyed at the question.


Delphi's nostrils flared a little, "Maybe if you hadn't wanted to learn so much about this temple we would have stayed near the crowd! Your curiosity always gets us in trouble."


"Delphi, it was literally you who signaled us to leave! Why are you blaming Casey, he didn't even do anything," Bellaana snapped back.


"Well, you and I would have stayed near the people and the souls, which if you cannot tell is nowhere near here! Casey was the one in the lead!"


Casey was shaking his head, "Will you two calm down?  Stressing is not gonna help us find our way back to the festival."


A whooshing noise caught their attention and three heads spun to look in its direction.  A blue soul was in front of them at the end of the hall, though any other details were lost as it was far away.  It bobbed up and down, making obvious movements even at the distance.  Delphi squinted at it, "Do you think it wants something?"


"It's a soul Delphi, they rarely just appear for no reason."


"Thanks, you know it all, but what does it want Casey?"


"Do you think it can show us a way out?" Bellaana cut off the two of them. Both siblings knew Delphi did not like being away from their mother; to be fair she did not like being away from anyone in their herd.


"I think we should follow it," Casey stated confidently.


"Oh yeah? What if it is leading us to our doom?" Delphi asked.  She was already on edge and was growing increasingly uneasy.


"Delphi, come on, it's okay maybe it will take us to mom,” Bellaana prompted, hoping that the mention of a solution would make her sister agree.


It worked, Delphi just slowly nodded her head and Casey began to walk towards the soul. His sisters followed suit, though Delphi stayed behind both of the others. The soul bobbed one more time before it took off, causing the trio to take off after it.  After about three minutes of running and no end in sight, Delphi looks at her sibling instead of the soul.  "Do you think it is actually leading us anywhere?"


The words barely left her mouth as Casey barrelled into their mother. 


"Yeah, I think it did,” Bellaana replied with a sarcastic tint as she slammed on the brakes to not make a bigger collision.


Eira looks at them and lets out a sigh of relief, "I have been looking for you everywhere! I even got Apricity involved!" Their mother fussed at them, but the trio did not take their eyes off the soul.  Now that they were closer, they could see it was not just blue, it was a snowflake.  The same soul their mother had, as well as the small Vespiri she had been talking to.  All Delphi knew about the soul was that it was incredibly rare.  Eira turned to look where the kids were looking and gave a soft smile. That smile was familiar to siblings, it was the smile reserved for their grandmother whom they had never met.  "Kids, meet your grandmother, apparently saving the day again. Tell her thank you, for without her you would be lost today, she did the same for me many times."

Old Soul, New Friends
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