Sneaking Into the Fight

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Casey watched his mother begin to put on some armor in confusion. She was in a rush, but Eira stopped for a moment to turn to her triplets. “I’ll be back soon. Go inside with these Tenders and they’ll watch over you until I return. And don’t run off this time.”

Eira’s words were stern, but she softened for a moment. She gently touched noses with each of her kids as a goodbye. Casey felt her warmth as she touched him, then turned to join the line headed out to fight. The Tender Eira had indicated was frantically trying to get everyone inside, and hadn’t yet paid attention to the triplets.

“Psst, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” one of his sisters whispered.

“This is the first battle we can participate in - no one will notice we’re gone if we just help a little!” the other whispered back.

Casey nodded in agreement, determined to serve his parents’ well. The three were big enough now to handle themselves, right? They weren’t tiny little kids anymore. 

His eye caught on the pile of weapons nearby, and he tilted his head towards them. Delphi nodded back, but Bellanna was already moving. Trying not to make a fuss, the three dodged between the bodies of the larger envi to make their way over, quickly grabbing smaller, handleable weapons and sneaking around the edge of the crowd.

“What do you think is going on?” Casey wondered aloud. No one had yet told him why everyone was gathering to fight - and Eira hadn’t mentioned it either. Maybe they didn’t know - something exciting, he hoped.

Casey ran behind both of his sisters, scanning the warriors around for their mother. He didn’t want to run into her and get the three of them caught! But the adult enivi were too crowded and distracted for him to find her. For a moment, he thought about his sisters and how much danger they were in - but then he remembered how awesome it would be to be in their first battle. Besides - they weren’t going in blind. The triplets trained with both of their parents - Ortusi warriors who knew what they were doing, and taught their kids well. 

When the three broke away from the main pack a little, he swung the dagger he’d picked up in practiced movements, careful not to hit anyone. He was ready - his sisters were ready, too. And if anything, they were safer together. Right?

Casey wished the three could stand right in front like true warriors, but he knew they’d have to squeeze between a few smaller Lunaesi to not get noticed as being kids. One of the girls called out that she’d spotted an in, and Casey followed her to the front of the line. As the triplets stood, finally able to see the enemy, Casey felt his adrenaline rush. Ortusi had led the charge and were already doing battle with some of the undead. They looked awesome

A call rang out for the second wave to move in, and Casey felt his feet start to rush forward in time with both his sisters. The three expertly kept together, fighting in formation like they were taught, to protect each other. Once a larger enivi had taken out a few of the bigger corpses, the three would charge in to take out a smaller one. Or, as Casey noticed - they’d fight limbs left behind by the marching dead. How are they still moving? 

A loud voice rang out through the battle, catching Casey’s attention for a moment. He didn’t hear what it said, only its tone - something was not right. Green light from somewhere caught him off guard, almost getting him injured. He was saved by Delphi, who sliced into the zombie about to attack him to drive it back.

“Stay focused!” she reminded  him. Casey tried, but that light bothered him. Should they just run instead?

Sneaking Into the Fight
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In Literary Art ・ By Medd-LeeContent Warning: Peril, fighting (light)

Going for Fight wooooooo

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