Face the Horde

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"To arms!"

The call rung out among the other Ortusi guards, alerting them all to the sudden  change in atmosphere. Tiernan could feel the air around him turn noticably colder as he shifted his attention away from the other Enivi and to the outskirts of the festival. A sickly green fog was begin to roll through the streets, and with it came the form of shambling unded emitting the same green glow. Necromancy.

Tiernan and the other guards immediately reacted in order to gather those who could not fight into a safer location while other warriors prepared to take the fight to them. But out of the corner of his eye, he could see that a few of the undead had found a second way in, and were closing in on an unprotected portion of the crowd. He sprinted in that direction, managing to put himself in between a young Vespiri and one of the approaching beasts. The undead creatures made a gurgling sound, mouth opened as the necromantic magic seemed to leak out like blood. Tiernan braced himself for a fight as other guards came to his side. This was not going to be pretty, but it had to be done.

Face the Horde
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In Prompts ・ By Sycamorre

Someday I'll draw him somewhere that isn't black as night. But hey, the warrior boy had to take the fight to the undead hordes.

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