quick write for fish oil prompt

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Tasked to get fish oil, Sky saw no problem with this especially since the herd of them and their friends has fish oil! With a quick paced trot, Sky heads home, it was a bit of a far journey but to help the study that could protect current and future generations from the necromancer, it was worth it. Sky wasn't there themself, but hearing what Fox had been told by his cousin, Sky has grown anxious.


Though it's hard to say if these two could be trusted, or if they should be so trusting of Sky. While Sky has no intentions to aid the necromancer… It's not hard to say that you are trying to find a weakness for the wrong reason. Shaking her head, Sky tries to clear out the thoughts as she has no reason to think them.


Once home Sky sighs and looks around for the requested oil, and is approached by Sapphire.


“Sky? What are you doing back already?”


“I could ask the same,” Sky says while accidentally bouncing into a wall from being startled.


“Got tired, and the lights were hurting my head, what about you? And what are you looking for?”


“Fish oil… I remember us having s-”


Sapphire grabs it and puts it in their bag, chuckling a bit as it was out in the open already.


“What do you need the oil for?”


“I… I don't think I'm allowed to share”


“Just be careful”


“I will… rest well”


Sky makes a quick exit, having some guilt that they had to hide what they are doing. Hopefully it'll be understood when the study is made more public. Making it back to Lune and Aster without drawing more attention, she was an unusual quiet for the first 5 or so minutes of being back.

quick write for fish oil prompt
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