Art and Star Shards

Created: 10 July 2021, 05:06:55 PDT
Last updated: 14 April 2023, 10:39:03 PDT

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Star Shards are the common currency for Keepers of Eniv. You can earn them through onsite games or through submitting artwork to The Gallery.
Submitting artwork to the gallery, or having your Enivi involved in work submitted to the gallery, can earn you Star Shards as well as player and character XP.

This guide was made to help you understand how XP and SS are awarded for artwork, as well as the rules and guidelines for completing quests and challenges through gallery submissions.

Keepers of Eniv will never cut or deduct points for your personal style. You do NOT have to create fully rendered pieces to earn points.
As long as the work you submit is to the quality of your other artwork, we're happy. No one can ask more from you than to do you best.

Areas And Awards

In visual artwork Star Shards and EXP are awarded dependant on how much of the character you include in your picture.
The following chart shows an example of how much of the Enivi needs to be shown for each catagory. 


A few other notes to keep in mind when submitting your work for Star Shards and rewards;

  • You may only have one Featured Enivi per piece, unless;
    • The work is visual art with a limit of 2 characters and both Enivi have been created with the same amount of work and are no less than half body.
    • The work is literary art with a limit of 2 characters who are both actively involved and engaging with the story in equal amounts.
    • Is a sketch page where all the characters are of the same level of finish.
  • Only the featured Enivi will receive special rewards from prompts.
  • Characters need to be recognizable to be given prompt rewards.
  • Artwork must be submitted to the Gallery to receive rewards and Star Shards.

Visual Art Scoring

Visual Art, for use of this guide, includes drawings, paintings, and animation.

Type of Artwork

First, you'll be asked to select the type of artwork you're submitting.

Visual Art pertains to works that are paintings, drawings, sculptures, or or animations.
Literary Art pertains to short stories, novellas, or poems.

Level of finish

The "Level of Finish" gives a base starting score for your submission to build on.

Sketch - 0 SS
A sketch is any piece of artwork that is loose and clearly unfinished. This could be something like a quick, uncolored drawing or a paragraph of unrefined character thought.
Minis - 0 SS
Minis are pieces that are 200x200 or less. If you've created something like an icon at a larger size, feel free to submit the larger image with it and to put it under another category, like "Flat Colors" or "Shaded".
Flat Colors - 3 SS
Flat colors are pieces which have been colored, but have no shading.
Shaded - 5 SS
Shaded pieces have some shading, but no real 3D forms (think classic cartoon cell shading or soft shading).
3D Shaded - 10 SS
3D shaded pieces are pieces which have a high level of refinement, with a clear light source and details.


Art Type

See the image at the top to help you determine which apply.

Headshot - 2 SS
Bust - 4 SS
Half Body - 6 SS
Full Body - 10 SS


No Background - 0 SS
This is a piece with a single solid-colored background.
Simple Background - 3 SS
A soft gradient or quick mix of blurred colors would be considered a simple background.
Moderate Background - 5 SS
A moderate background would be a piece that has a enough detail to really see what's going on behind the Enivi and to set the scene.
Complex Background - 10 SS
Directional lighting, environmental light, and a high level of detail are all part of a complex background.



Animated works are given custom scoring per each unique frame. 

Literary Artwork

Literary Artwork, for this guide, pertains to short stories, novells, novels, poetry, and RP posts.

General Literary Artwork
+ 2 SS per 100 Words

A Note on RP Posts - Please remember to reformat your RP posts into a more story-like format. Usernames and OOC remarks will not be included into the word count.

3D Crafts

For use of this guide, 3D crafts include needlepoint, needle felting, plushies, sculptures (traditional or digital), and and even macaroni art.

Small 3D Crafts (such as popsicle stick Enivi, keychain Enivi, or other very small, quick crafts) - 10 SS
Large 3D Crafts (such as plushie crafting, sculptures, and other more time consuming crafts) - 15 SS

Additional Add-Ons

Trades - 5 SS
If this piece was part of a trade, this add-on applies.

Gift Art - 10 SS
If the piece was a gift for another player's Enivi, this add-on applies.

Enivi of the Month - 5 SS
If you created art of the EotM this add-on applies (and is stacked with the other applicable bonuses).

Character Interaction - 5SS
This bonus is for characters who are interacting with one another, rather than simply existing within the same space.

Character multiplier - varies.
Please note! This may only be applied to featured Enivi.

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