Earning Star Shards

Created: 12 April 2024, 13:19:05 PDT
Last updated: 24 April 2024, 19:00:08 PDT

Getting Started With

Earning Star Shards with Art


The Gallery

Star Shards are like gold coins in our Enivi realm. You can earn them by playing fun onsite games or by sharing your amazing artwork in The Gallery.

When you share your masterpieces in the gallery you'll not only earn Star Shards but also gain player and character XP!

This guide is your go-to manual for understanding how Star Shards (SS Star Shards) are handed out for your creative endeavors.

The Art of Confidence!
We're all about embracing your unique style!

As long as your submission matches the quality of your other artwork, we're all smiles. Don't compare yourself to the other artists you see around you, just strive for your personal best.
Your best effort is all anyone can ask for!


Rules for Collecting Star Shards

  • You may only have one Featured Enivi per piece, unless;
    • The work is visual art with a limit of 2 characters and both Enivi have been created with the same amount of work and are no less than half body.
    • The work is literary art with a limit of 2 characters who are both actively involved and engaging with the story in equal amounts.
    • Is a sketch page where all the characters are of the same level of finish.
  • Only the featured Enivi will receive special rewards from prompts.
  • Characters need to be recognizable to be given prompt rewards.
  • Artwork must be submitted to the Gallery to receive rewards and Star Shards.
  • Star Shards for artwork that was commissioned with real life currency will be awarded to the commissioner, and not to the artist since the artist was paid.
  • You can only collect once per piece (that includes reusable bases, YCH slots, or reusable line-art).


Visual Art Scoring

The first key to scoring visual art is knowing how much of your character we consider is being shown. 
The visual guide below works as a reference to show what we consider each tier;



If your Enivi is half hidden by objects, submerged in water, or at an angle where we can only partly see their body, this would effect the size bonus you start with.

Star Shard Size Scoring Chart: Size Level
This handy chart will help you determine your base Star Shard score!
Remember, you don't need to add this into your submission's description, just check the boxes and our system will score your submission automatically for you.
Bust: 3 Star Shards
Half Body: 6 Star Shards
Full Body: 10 Star Shards


The level of finish is the next determining factor in how much you'll receive for your submission! 

Star Shard Size Scoring Chart: Finish Level
This handy chart will help you determine your "Finish" Star Shard score!
This is where things can get just a little more complicated, so we'll do our best to keep things organized.
  Flat Color Shaded Complex Shaded
Portrait +4 Star Shards +6 Star Shards +10 Star Shards
Half Body +6 Star Shards +10 Star Shards +14 Star Shards
Full Body +8 Star Shards +14 Star Shards +18 Star Shards

Determining the type of shading is fairly simple!

Flat Colors or Flat Shading is when the image has colors, but no shading at all, like your classic Saturday morning cartoons. Even if the character's markings are complex, if there's no shading, it would be considered "Flat Colors".

CellShading.png SoftShading.png
Shaded submissions use hard or soft shading techniques to give the effect of some shading without appearing complexly 3D.

3D Shading shading is a complex shading technique that uses both soft and hard edges to create a three dimensional look, including bounce-light and/or rim light  to make the image look as polished 3D as possible.


Star Shard Size Scoring Chart: Backgrounds
This handy chart will help you determine your base Star Shard score!
Backgrounds are fairly straight forward!
Simple Background: +3 Star Shards
Moderate Background: +25 Star Shards
Complex Background: +45 Star Shards


A Simple Background is just that - something simple! A mish-mosh of different blurred colors is enough to earn you the "Simple Background" bonus!

A Moderate Background is a background where you start to see the details emerge.
In these, you can tell what the elements in the background are, and that there may be some depth. Some blur is acceptable, but we should be able to tell what the elements in the environment are.
If we can see the trees and rocks, or a house, it's a moderate background! 


A Complex Background is a background with a lot of intricate details, lighting, and thought put into it. We should be able to see lighting on leaves and in the grass, even if it's implied detail. 



Don't Discount Yourself!
Not all styles are the same! Some artists prefer a cartoony style, some prefer a painterly style. Some like a lot of detail, some like minimalism. Make sure you're scoring yourself for your own work and not the work of others!


Once you've finished with the basic scoring, don't forget to check for any Bonuses you might be eligable for!


LIterary Art Scoring

Literary art is a bit easier to understand the scoring for, as it's a simple flat-rate per word.
Each submission is worth 5 Star Shards per 100 words, rounded down. 
That means if you submit a short story that is 520 words, it'll be worth 25 Star Shards

What Counts As Literary Art?

You're free to unleash your creativity in the gallery with anything that's creatively written and spans at least 100 words!
From short stories and novellas to character journals (think diary entries from your Enivi's perspective) and even role-play posts (where everyone involved gets rewarded for their contribution), the options are endless.

However, it's important to note what won't make the cut. Entries that don't revolve around your Enivi, such as personal journals, news updates, or advertisements, won't be accepted into our gallery and won't earn Star Shards.

A Note On WOrd Count
When calculating word count for literary submissions, only the elements of the story itself are included. For instance, items like dates in journal posts, story titles, usernames, or any out-of-character remarks are not counted toward the total word count.
Do I get Star Shards for Designing a Cover?

Don't forget to give yourself credit for your literary art submission's cover if it meets the criteria for earning Star Shards in visual art. You can claim Star Shards for your eligible cover within the same submission as your literary art.


Scoring Other kinds of work

Expressing your love for your Enivi knows no bounds! Whether you're baking Enivi-inspired goodies, composing a song, crafting an animation, sewing a doll, or exploring any other creative avenues, we encourage you to showcase your passion in the gallery.

Feel free to submit your unique creations for Star Shards! If you have questions about scoring, don't hesitate to reach out to our staff via ModMail Ticket in our Discord server. Each submission outside of literary and visual art is carefully reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Need advice or want to discuss a potential project? Our friendly staff is always here to help! Don't hesitate to reach out and share your ideas.


Earn a Bonus

Why settle for your base reward when you could earn some extra Star Shards with a bonus? Check out the bonuses and their details below to see what your piece may qualify for.


+ 5 Star Shards
Gain this bonus by doing an art trade with another Keepers of Eniv community member. 
This must be art for art, and cannot be trading art for a character, items, or currency of any kind.
It may not be stacked with the "Gift Art" or "Enivi of the Month" bonus.

Gift Art

+ 10 Star Shards
This bonus is granted to pieces of gift art created for other players.
This specifically must be a gift. It cannot be a trade or commission of any kind. This cannot be stacked with the "Trades" Bonus.

Enivi of the Month (Eotm)

+ 5 Star Shards
Create artwork featuring the Enivi of the Month to earn this bonus!
This bonus cannot be stacked with the "Trades" bonus.

Character Interaction

+ 5 Star Shards
The Character Interaction bonus is awarded when two or more characters are portrayed engaging in dynamic interaction, such as running together, playing together, or engaging in conversation. This bonus recognizes depictions that go beyond static co-existence within a space.


+ 3 Star Shards
Adding an Enivi's pet to your work will grant you this bonus!
The pet must be attached to the Enivi you're drawing, and must be named. The pets must be identifiable in the image.

Epic Bonus

+ 25 Star Shards
This amazing bonus worth a whopping 25 Star Shards, is awarded to pieces that truly push the boundaries!
Have you ventured into uncharted territory with this artwork? Experimented with complex angles, dynamic colors, or more natural dialogue?
Maybe this piece was a breakthrough in your artistic journey? Submit it for the 'Epic Bonus' and share your story!

Please note that the Epic Bonus is subject to staff discretion and is reserved for works that surpass the artist's personal best.


How to Submit For Star Shards

Submitting your creations to the gallery and claiming your well-deserved Star Shards is a breeze!
To begin, head over to the Gallery from the navigation menu, then select your gallery folder of choice from the menu on the left.
Simply hit the blue "+" button to open the submission form.

For visual art, attach your image, and for literary art, include your submission in the "Text" section.
Don't forget to give your piece a catchy Title and share a bit about it in the Description field.

A Quick Note!
You don't need to mention the Star Shard count in your description. Instead, use this space to share insights about your work.

If there are any necessary Warnings, Prompts, or Characters, be sure to include them. Also, remember to credit any Contributors or Participants involved in the creation.

Next, fill out the form telling us more about your piece and the Star Shards it should be earning.

Once everything looks good, click the friendly blue "Submit" button.

Our dedicated team will review your submission, and once approved, the Star Shards will be magically added to your balance!

Just a reminder, if you plan to use your piece for a prompt, remember to submit it separately.


Still Need Help?

Need a hand with scoring, gallery submissions, or anything else?

Swing by our Discord server! Our team is always here to help and ready to lend a hoof!


We can't wait to see you there!