Development Watch

Created: 30 March 2024, 11:00:54 PDT
Last updated: 5 June 2024, 13:01:28 PDT

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Join the Journey!

Come along with us on our journey while we plan, develop, and implement what's next in Eniv! 
It's a big job, and we're happy to share some of what happens behind the curtain with you and to get your input on what happens next!


What We're Currently Funding!

We're currently looking to fund;

  • The Explore Feature! 
    This would be a mini-game of sorts where you click to "explore" an area in a sort of first-person view through static images. You'll encounter various situations as your Enivi that you can interact with, find items, currency, new friends, and pets!( Coding estimated $90, art costs not included as this is a huge undertaking. ) 
  • Updates to the front page, the page you land on when you log in, and user profiles! ( Cost approx $270 USD)
  • A handful of small bug fixes and updates that need to be pulled (our anti-spam filter when you log in is a little aggressive, so we'd like to update that, we have a few features still hiccuping on and off from when we updated the site to our newest version and we'd like to make sure they're all ironed out). (Cost ongoing, bugs are forever in game development, haha! For this around it's about $30 we've been told).

The total we'd like to raise for these features would be about $400. - ALL FEATURES FUNDED AND BEING WORKED ON!

How does this work?

We've asked you all what you'd like to see funded, and we've added in a few things we know need to be updated/funded, and come up with the cost. 
We're not waiting for the total to get started. Instead, we'll start working on these as soon as we can afford the individual pieces. For example, if we reach the $30 marker, we can get the bugs fixed. If we hit the $90 marker, we can get the code for the Explore feature and start working on the artwork for it, or we can revise one of the three pages that need cleaning up. 
Once these goals are met, we'll ask what you'd like to see next and move on to those goals!

"But what about other money the site gets from things like Gem or Enivi sales?"
Those funds still go into improving the site as well. There really isn't a big difference save for the way you're choosing to help the site.

We'll be sure to keep this page updated to let you all know about the progress we're making and where your donated money is going!


What We're Working on Now

  • UPDATE June 5th, 2024 - 
    We've made a lot of headway with recoding our pages! 
    The layouts are being smoothed out, bugs are being squashed, and code is being cleaned up for longevity. 
    The new layouts are a little different from the ones you'd initially seen. We had a meeting in late May with one of our coders and layout artists to help us make sure the layouts were clear, concise, and the best they could be. 
    Our goals were for the layouts to be;
    - Less "generic" feeling
    - More easily navigatable
    - More mobile friendly
    - More cozy and fun
    - For any changes or updates (seasonally or between layouts) to happen automatically
    We spent hours in talks, making mockups, notating changes, talking about what was and wasn't possible, and finally got what we all believed would be the best for the game and community. 

    We think you're going to love it.
    As of today, we're setting the date for the next steps of implemenation so we can keep things moving forward. We're excited to show you the new page layouts and what we have in store!
  • Being more transparent!
  • Asking for feedback on what you'd like to see next!
  • Reworking the Welcome, Star Shard, and Enivi Design and Creation Guides. (DONE!)
  • Rethinking Premium so the benefits are more appealing without being game-breaking, and so it's hosted entirely on-site rather than through Patreon.
  • Recoding some of our page layouts to be more user friendly and informative.
  • Adding Fundraiser items to the Hidden Cove to help us maintain and add new features to the site.


What's Up Next?

We'll update this when we get the results from our next polls!