Event Tracking - The Sylvan Hunt

Created: 14 February 2022, 16:05:03 PST
Last updated: 16 April 2024, 23:24:53 PDT


The Sylvan Hunt

The Sylvan Hunt is held by the Druaesi each year at the point where spring finally arrives. The celebration honors Druae and celebrates bringing other Enivi herds into the fold. Teaching them the ways that the Druaesi live, and encouraging them to be courteous and thankful to the wilds around them. Afterall, the Druaesi rely on the Dark Forest the same way the Dark Forest relies on them. 
Deep within the Dark Forest, down a long and twisting path, a wandering Enivi may cross through an area that looks much the same as every other path they've taken.
Little do they know, the Verdant Hollow is the home of hundreds of Druaesi, built into the landscape itself and hidden by magic and moss. 
Again on this year their leader, Rowan, has chosen to open one of their most sacred events to outside herds in an attempt at understanding and peace between them.
Your Enivi was lucky enough to be invited to the event... if they can make it.



Through the Dark Forest Prompt Category

Just as the winter chill starts to subside, you hear word of a great springtime celebration. 
Curious, you look for more information only to find that it's being held in the Dark Forest.

Maybe you've heard of this springtime celebration before?

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Hmm. There also seems to be some strangely large rabbit tracks here. 
Maybe you should follow them?

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