Carving Your Own Way

Ends: 31 October 2022, 23:59:59 PDT (1 year ago)

Carve yourself some Keepers of Eniv fun!


It's spooky season again and we think it's time to earn a Druaesi!

Make a pumpkin or apple carving themed around Keepers of Eniv.
It can be a Keepers of Eniv character, your own Enivi, or an item as long as it's clearly KoE themed.

Good: Carving a pumpkin with your Enivi's face on it, carving an apple to look like a Kalli, or carving a pumpkin in the shape of a Dreadwood tree.
Not Accepted: Carving a piece of cheese into an apple (while we do have and love cheese, it's just not KoE-specific).


  • The carving must by an apple or pumpkin.
  • The carved image must be clear enough to be understood.
  • The carving must be Keepers of Eniv themed.
Happy Halloween!


Reward Amount
Ancient Sprout 1


No skill increase.

Stat & Level Rewards

100 user EXP
0 user points
No character rewards.


This prompt has ended.