The Ortusi Empire

Following the teachings and word of Ortus, the Sun-Bringer, the Ortusi remain strong and devout.

The Ortusi are strong and prideful. These Enivi are normally of larger build and greater physical strength than the other herds. Their herd focuses primarily on farming and trade with neighboring pockets of Enivin clans. Due to their intimidating size, they're also one of the most effective warrior forces against the ever-spreading Dark Forest.

Ortusi believe firmly in honoring Ortus, the deity who brought light and warmth to the world. In their society, the best way to do this is by making the most of the daylight given to them. This instills within their society a powerful work ethic and unwavering devotion to their clan.


Physical Appearance

Ortusi are easily recognizable in a crowd. With their large, naturally muscular bodies, their size makes them stand out among the other herds in Eniv.
This powerful build helps members of this herd maintain a very active lifestyle. 
Commonly, Ortusi can be found to have sharp dewclaws on the inside of their legs. Long ago, these were used for herd disputes and displays to find a mate. While times have changed and their culture evolved, Ortusi warriors are still known to use these natural weapons in battle, though prospective partners are found more commonly through kind acts and built relationships. 

The Ortusi are the only herd to be given short, spiked horns by their deity, and strong facial scales to offer protection. This is, in part, why the Ortusi are such adept fighters. 
Blessed by Ortus, who outwitted the dragon and fought back the shadows, these Enivi are well equipped to defend themselves.

By pride or design, Ortusi commonly hold their tails higher than the other herds as well. While their tails have a full range of motion, their most comfortable and natural stance tends to keep their tail elevated with small exception.



While Ortusi are known by the other herds as powerful warriors, you might be surprised to find that only a small percentage of this herd is part of their military.
Once inside the vast walls of an Ortusi city you'll find colorful markets, crafts, and an medical and education system designed to care for all the Enivi who live there.
Overseen by their Jarl, Ortusi society is meant to run like a well-maintained machine.
Kids are generally raised by their community rather than just two parents. 
"It takes a herd to raise a kid", as the saying goes.
While parents work, the kids are gathered into groups where trained adults teach them about their history and ready them for their place in the world. Once an Kid has completed their general education, they are split into more specialized groups based on what the kids are best at, and what their interests are. 
"Passion drives power," is another Ortusi phrase one would commonly hear in the herd.

Ortusi life greatly values balance and shared resources. 
Within Ortusi society, there is no currency. Star Shards are stored within the Jarl's vault, and used primarly for trade with outside herds.
As their culture is heavily based in aggriculture, there is rarely concern for a lack of food to go around. Through careful planning, farming, and development, the Ortusi have rarely had a difficult winter.
Large fields of wheat and marshes of rice are a common sight around the 

All members are cared for equally regardless of health, job, or age. There are no homeless Ortusi, and everyone is fed with daily rations.
It's believed each Ortusi holds within themself a piece of Ortus' fire, and that everyone has a purpose. 
When an Ortusi is too old to care for themself, they're taken into the care of specialized herd members. 

While this system and society may seem like a Utopia, there is skeptisism as well.
Concerns over the amount of control the Jarl has over this herd have been voiced by the other herds. 

A Lunaesi council representative once brought up their own concerns;
"If an Ortusi wanted to leave, to strike out on their own, how would they be able to do this? With no money, no possessions, and no presonal resources, how could they ever find their own way in life?"

The Jarl did not feel the need to respond, and no other Ortusi spoke up against him.



Hardworking and steadfast, the Ortusi believe there is no greater way to show disrespect to Ortus than to waste the daylight brought to them.
Caring for one another and defending the weak (even if it's another herd) are core beliefs of the Ortusi.



A child of the Great Na, Ortus is one of the creators of the world.

When the world was new and the Enivi were "nava", or without blessing, it was filled with cold and darkness. Ortus saw this and became angered by the Enivi's daily plights, and took it upon themself to begin a great journey to aid their people.

Ortus traveled for many years until they found Solarus, a land of heat and fire. Inside a deep cave, an immense beast slumbered. A dragon with a heart of flame so powerful it could easily bring warmth and light to all of Eniv, would be more than a challenge for the deity to defeat.

Ortus battled the monster for days until it finally succumbed. Beaten, but unable to flee, it could not fight back as Ortus stole the creature's heart.

Ortus returned, and placed the still-beating heart into the sky, which brought better life to the world below.