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Festival of the Sun



The Ortusi are a proud and noble herd of Enivi.
Raised with an unstoppable will, these Enivi are known for their fighting spirit and ability to create life even in the deepest jungles of Eniv.

The Festival of the Sun celebrates their deity, Ortus, who first brought light to Eniv.
Stories say in the time before Ortus brought the sun, Enivi lived entirely in darkness. Ortus, seeing this, fought a fiersome dragon and returned with the flame from the dragon's heart to bring light and warmth to the the world.

Festival Prompts

Scavenger Hunts

Of course, there's always more to do...

If Eniv can show their interest as a whole by collecting enough Ortusi Shoes, some combat-related events will open.


The current event currency is Ortusi Shoes, and the current global total is 1240 OS . The current overall goal is 300 OS!