The Oathbreaker Series

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The Oathbreaker Series is an ongoing sequence of site-hosted events that influences the world-state of the game.

While Keepers of Eniv maintains a generally light-hearted atmosphere, The Oathbreaker Series may occasionally delve into topics that could be uncomfortable for some members of our community. Therefore, we kindly ask you to review the content warnings before proceeding.

Series Content Warning: In general, The Oathbreaker Series includes depictions of cartoon gore, zombies, conflicts between characters such as arguments or physical fights, spooky atmospherics, dark magic, themes of overcoming self-doubt, as well as themes of death and loss. If these topics make you uncomfortable, we completely understand. It's not necessary to participate in the series to enjoy the site, though we will provide links to updates in the news and discussions about the series in chats.

Thank you for your understanding, and for those of  you who do proceed - enjoy!

Part One: The Necromancer's Return

October 2022

Content Warnings:
Videos contain cartoon depictions of gore and zombies.

The Festival of Light that year commenced like any other, drawing Enivi from diverse herds to the Vespiri Imperium. They gathered to pay homage, and to seek moments with dearly departed loved ones who had returned to Vesper.

Amidst the festivities, Lyra, a youthful Vespiri Temple Tender, began to notice the souls behaving strangely. Ominous visions haunted her, foretelling a monstrous Enivi commanding an army of the undead. Regrettably, her warnings fell on deaf ears until it was too late.

From the depths of the Dark Forest, The Necromancer, a bizarre, soulless Enivi, emerged with a legion of shambling husks, laying siege to the main temple. The motives behind his malevolent actions remained a mystery, and it required the intervention of Vesper themself to halt the invasion.

Fortunately, the injuries were minimal, limited to a few bites and scratches—dismissed as non-infectious, according to High Speaker Wymund, debunking any tales of zombie contagion.

The Necromancer has since vanished like the fog he appeared from, leaving the Enivi vigilant, watching carefully for signs of his impending return.

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Part Two: Icarus

January 2024

Content Warnings:
This game will include multiple choice with the player getting to choose from many pathways and may contain a variety of topics listed in the Series Content Warning (above).

Begin Oathbreakers: Icarus

Recap coming February 2024.


Herd Leaders: Grand Speaker Wymund