Icarus Part 2 Released, New Games, Books, Raffles, and More!

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Hey there, Keepers!
Ready for an exciting ride through the latest and greatest updates in the Eniv universe?
Buckle up because we've got a thrilling news post packed with adventures, games, and surprises just for you!

Oathbreakers: Icarus - Part Two Unleashed!

Embark on the next chapter of the Oathbreakers saga!
Your new friends are buzzing with excitement over the Fish Oil you've provided.
Will you continue to join them on their quest for knowledge?
Brace yourselves; Part Three is on the horizon, and it's coming sooner than you think!

Exciting New Games Join the Fun!

Gem Jackpot Rush - Spin to Win! Take a spin on the daily Gem Jackpot Rush wheel and risk it all for legendary traits, Gem or Star Shard Jackpots, and more. The stakes are high and the prizes are dazzling!

Wheel of Wonder Update - The Wheel of Wonder just got a small makeover. The Common Make-Your-Own has moved to Gem Jackpot Rush, and we can say hello to the Uncommon Gachapon on the Wheel of Wonder. Unlock yours and see what surprises await you!

Picture Sudoku - A New On-Site Adventure! Indulge in a delightful yet challenging game of Picture Sudoku directly on Keepers of Eniv!
Match the images, solve the puzzle, and claim your well-deserved reward. Can you conquer the challenge?

Easy Access with the New Games Page!

Navigate your Eniv experience effortlessly with our brand-new Games Page!
Claim daily prizes, water your plants, play games, and optimize your time in Eniv – all in one convenient spot. Because who doesn't love efficiency?

Sophie's Shoppe - Festival Books Galore!

Sophie's Shoppe is now stocked with the once-missing books from this year's festival.
While not essential for the event these books are a collectors dream and are filled with intriguing lore.
Swing by and snag your copies before they vanish!

Star Shard Enivi Raffle!

It's raffle time again!
Purchase tickets at Sophie's Shoppe or win them on the Gem Jackpot Rush Wheel. On February 1st, 2024, we'll crown one lucky winner with this stunning Enivi as a token of our gratitude for your continued support.

 A massive thank you to our fantastic community for the unwavering support! This is just the beginning.
Stay tuned; we'll be back later this week with even more thrilling announcements. Get ready for more fun and surprises in the world of Eniv! 



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