Icarus Part 3 Released! (And Updated Bugs!)

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Oathbreakers: Icarus Part 3 - Unleash the Adventure!

Good evening, Eniv!

We're bursting with excitement to bring you a special news update.
Drumroll, please!
Oathbreakers: Icarus Part 3 has officially landed, and we can't wait for you to embark on this thrilling new chapter.

Join the quest, meet new friends, and dive into the unfolding storyline. Get started on Part 3 right here!

Site Bugs Update - Smooth Sailing Ahead!

In the realm of progress, we've successfully tackled many pesky bugs on the site.
A massive shoutout to Newt and Wisperia for their tireless efforts in bug-squashing. Your dedication is the backbone of Eniv, and we're truly grateful!

While most bugs are now a distant memory, a couple still linger. Animated avatars may appear larger than expected on mobile, and our daily games (both wheels and Seren's Daily Gift) are currently taking a short break.
Fear not, our tech wizards are on the case! If you spot any elusive bugs during your Eniv adventures, please report them so we can swiftly address them.

We'd also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone for your patience during our recent power outage caused by winter storms.
We hope you've all been cozy, warm, and safe during this time.
We're eagerly counting down the days until we unveil the rest of Oathbreakers: Icarus.
Stay tuned for more Eniv magic, stay warm, and most importantly, stay safe!



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