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Hey everyone, spring is here and we've got some exciting updates brewing for all you Enivi farmers out there!

We're thrilled to introduce a brand new feature: Create-Your-Own Fertilizer!
What's farming without a bit of dirt under your nails, right?
Starting today, Enivi will be able to get their hooves dirty and craft their own fertilizer.

But hold on, we're not stopping there! We wanted to make sure this feature really gets our players engaged and feeling like part of the action.
So, who better to walk you through it than our very own Sophie? Take it away, Sophie!



To make this experience even more immersive, we've come up with an engaging way to keep you, the player, actively involved in the process!

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty because you'll need to clean up and clear away any "dropped fertilizer" from your Enivi, piece by piece. Just rapidly tap your screen or click with your mouse to start to gather your unprocessed fertilizer.
And just to keep things interesting, you might encounter some classic CAPTCHA-style puzzles along the way to ensure no auto-clickers are sneaking in.
Ready for the challenge? We know you are!


Enivi will start producing unprocessed fertilizer every 5 minutes (for Premium account Enivi, it's every 2 minutes!). Keep an eye on the "Poop Meter" to see how much unprocessed fertilizer has built up while you were away.
The "Started" timer indicates how long it's been since your Enivi's page was completely cleared.

But watch out! If left for too long, you might notice flies starting to gather. Who knows? Maybe this could hint at another exciting farming feature in the works!


Can't get to your Enivi to clean up right away?
Don't worry, their profile image will hold the mess for you until you get back, building up around your Enivi until you have time to "do the scoop"!


Once you've gathered enough fertilizer, you can begin the long, grinding, and slightly possibly fulfilling task of processing it for use! To do this-


LyraIcon.png Lyra News Takeover!

Lyra: Uhm... Hello? Hello Keepers!
It, uh, it appears the Admins need a little time out. We're going to get them some healthy snacks, water, and fresh air (it's important for the body and soul). 

We'll get this... mess... cleaned up and have the admins get back to you with a real news update tomorrow. 

We'll see you then!


Oh... hold on. It looks like there's something else here?
They're... a little gross, but you can have them if you want them!

Jelly Bean Dispense Sophie MSE

If you'd like the 2024 Poopmageddon Achievement, click "Submit" in the navigation bar, then "Submit a Claim", and just say you'd like the achievement added to your profile. We understand some people may not want this one automatically added to their profile.

Happy April Fools!




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