Siren's Call Winners (and Extension!)

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First off, we want to announce the winners of the Siren's Call Raffles!


Was won by Eccentricbirdie!


Was won by Medd-Lee!


Was won by Vxna!

Congratulations to our raffle winners! We hope you enjoy your new Enivi!

To celebrate, we're also extending the event through this weekend!

Our next event will begin on Monday, September 5th. 


Also, as a small update, we've added a Polls channel to our Discord Server
Make sure to vote and tell us what you want to see in the future!



vxna Avatar

:O I didn't have time to check the results yesterday when a link was posted in Discord and I just assumed I hadn't won. But then I receive a Discord @ notif and :OOOO

I love the Enivi, and congrats to the other winners!

2022-09-03 04:06:04

FireatHeart Avatar
FireatHeart Staff Member

Congratulations, these are so pretty!!! I am sooo jelly.

2022-09-02 14:07:31

Nox Avatar

Grats to all three winners :D
I'm jealous too 😫

2022-09-02 11:25:57

Tony Avatar
Tony Staff Member

Congratulations to the winners!
Also I'm a little jealous :B

2022-09-02 11:22:49

Synesthesia Avatar
Synesthesia Staff Member

Ahhhh! I'm excited to see these Enivi head off to their new homes!

Congrats Everyone!

2022-09-02 11:22:11

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