The Guiding Lights Festival! (And Autumn Updates!)

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The Guiding Lights Festival has returned!

Each year, Enivi from all over are invited to the temples of Vesper. 
During the festival Vesper grants their magic to the souls, empowering them so they can communicate with loved ones.
Enivi from all over make the journey to the Vespiri Imperium to speak with loved ones departed, thank the Vespiri for caring for the souls, and to enjoy the festival.

The main temple and it's city are beautiful, decorated with lights and bright colors for the event. Music is played, crafts are created, and games are set up for the young and old alike.
For an event celebrating Enivi who have passed on it's quite a lively affair. 

Start the event at part one by clicking the video below;


You can also start the prompts and soul guiding on the Event Page.

Wandering Souls

Sometimes souls will wander away from the temple during the festival. 
They could be searching for a loved one, a favorite activity, or even just enjoying the festival. The souls need attention and protection though, and are safest within the grounds of the temple. 

If you happen to see any floating about, please do gently guide them back. Both the soul and the Temple Tenders will be grateful and will grant you the ability to choose rewards from the Event Shop.

You can start looking for souls on the Event Page.

Wandering Souls

As always, if you get stuck on a clue feel free to brainstorm with the community in our Discord Server.


Autumn Updates

We also have a few small autumn updates for you all;

Two of our autumn-themed prompts have returned. Both Cozy Afternoons and Fall Favorites can both be found under Story Mode prompts. 

We've also updated the Featured Prompt, so be sure to check that out!

Also, keep an eye out for more fall-themed prompts as we get deeper into the season.

We've also added a new item, the Autumn Days Crown!

<a href=" Days Crown" class="display-item">Autumn Days Crown</a>

The Autumn Days Crown is awarded to Beauty Contest winners all through the fall season.
Be sure to enter for your chance to win this exclusive accessory!


Shop Updates

Sophie's Shoppe and the Unique Boutique have both had their seasonal stock changed from summer to fall!

Catch your favorite autumn items in the shops.

If you're incredibly lucky, you might even find some seasonal markings, but be prepared to click fast and pay quite a bit!
These markings restock incredibly rarely and are in very short supply.

<a href=" of Autumn" class="display-item">End of Autumn</a>


Custom Created Items

For anyone who missed it, we had 3 custom-created items commissioned by players last month!
Make sure to check out these awesome items;

<a href=" 4th Scarf" class="display-item">The 4th Scarf</a> <a href=" Scales" class="display-item">Diamond Scales</a> <a href=" Mola Mola" class="display-item">Minor Mola Mola</a>


What activity are you most looking forward to/what activity would you most like to see this fall on Keepers of Eniv?


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