Beauty Contest Winners, Treasure Scales, Character Creator Update!

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Happy Friday!

It's time for another Beauty Contest to get started. Here are the winners from last week;


Congratulations to our winners!

Don't forget to enter this week and vote for other wonderful Enivi!

On a related note, if we can reach a minimum of 10 individual players entering consistently for the next 4 weeks, we'll start to add additional rewards to the contest!

Treasure Scales

Does your Enivi like to be adorned with golden scales? Then we have just the trait for them!

<a href=" Scales" class="display-item">Treasure Scales</a>

Treasure Scales are a rare new trait that can be found in Sophie's Shoppe! Keep an eye out for them to restock there. 

Character Creator Update

We have a huge update on the character creator!

The staff end of the code has been added to the site and we're starting to re-arrange traits and markings to fit the new system.
If you notice your Enivi suddenly missing a trait, don't panic. Let us know about it on the forums or Discord server and we'll get it fixed up right away.
We don't expect this to be a wide-spread issue, but it's something to keep an eye on as we rearrange the way our traits and markings are held in the system.

Premium members can expect an early-access screenshot of what the character creator will look like this coming week on Patreon!

While it will take time to get our literal hundreds of files migrated over into the new system, know we're working diligently to get this done, and our wonderful coder is hard at work squashing bugs and making updates.

For those who haven't heard about this before, the character creator will allow members to create new characters and update existing ones on-site instead of in an art program.
Don't worry, artists! You'll still be able to use our assets to create your own customized Enivi as usual.

This is intended to make the game more fun for those of you who are less familiar with art programs, or who are more interested in aspects of the game that aren't visual-arts related (role-playing, writing, music creation, or even just collecting). 

This will also allow you to update backgrounds and foregrounds with the click of a button, making customization much easier.

We're so excited for you to see the finished product, which we promise will be well worth the wait!


Thanks again for your continued support! We really appreciate you all!



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