The Guiding Lights Festival Part 3

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The Guiding Lights Festival continues this week!

This week's video has some mild content warnings (but content warnings all the same) for cartoon violence, cartoon gore, body fluids (drool, bog water coming out of mouth), multiple eyes, and overall spooky themes.


If you'd like to skip this video but continue on with the quest, you can see the video description without playing the video itself (this summarizes the events for you without the imagery).

While Lyra and Sammy have their hooves full, your Enivi can't help but notice something strange is happening as well.

Check out our new Troubled Souls prompt to continue the story!

With all the souls staying so close to the Soul Gem, none of them have wandered off this week, so there are no souls to guide back.


What do you think of the event so far? Is this something you'd like to see more of with the other herds in the future?
We appreciate your feedback!

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FireatHeart Staff Member

I love the videos! They give the world and the story so much depth. I can’t wait to see them continue and look forward to every episode!

2022-09-21 09:57:12

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