Halloween Party and More!

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The Halloween Party will start tonight at 5:00PM PST in our Discord Server!

We're excited for a night of games, trivia, and spooky prizes!

We'll have a 30 minute "lobby" for people to come in and mingle in voice chat before we start Bingo at 5:30.

The prizes for Bingo will be;
  • First Bingo Claimed
    Choice of;
    Rare MYO, 3 Adoption Tokens, or 1 marking or trait up to Legendary rarity.
  • 2nd Bingo Claimed
    Choice of;
    Uncommon MYO, 2 Adoption Tokens, or 1 marking or trait up to Rare rarity.
  • 3rd Bingo Claimed
    Choice of;
    1 Adoption Token, Common MYO, or 1 marking or trait up to Uncommon rarity.
  • "H" Bingo (covers all of B, O, and the center line to form an H)
    Bogged Base
  • X (2 diagonal lines that form a large "X" over the card)
    Mysterious Slime
  • 4 Corners
    Choice of any Bat companion or bat wings.
  • Cover All (the whole board covered!)
    Your choice of any in-game item excluding Kickstarter items or a Shooting Star.
Pumpkin and Apple Carving Contest

The Pumpkin and apple carving contest will take place directly after Bingo (approximately 6:30 PST by our estimate! )
If you've submitted an apple or pumpkin carving into the Gallery, you're automatically entered, so you don't need to be there for the contest.

3rd Place - a Jack O' Soul
2nd Place - Bat Wings
1st Place - a Moon Soul Chest

Trivial Contest

Finally, we'll be hosting a Keepers of Eniv and Spooky Trivia Contest!
This will come directly after the Pumpkin and Apple Carving Contest results.

Prizes will be determined by how many participants there are.

We can't wait to see you at the party!


Beauty Contest

Congratulations to last week's Beauty Contest Winners!

Don't forget to enter this week's contest!


Prompt Freeze!

We've added a new item to the Hidden Cove!

Need a little extra time on a prompt?
The Prompt Freeze item will allow you to freeze your prompt for up to 2 weeks. 
This means, even if an event has ended, you'll still be given extra time to complete the prompt.

Prompt Freeze


Have a happy and save Spooky Weekend and we're looking forward to seeing you at the party tonight!



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