Secret Santa Item Exchange and Other Site Updates!

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Get ready to spread joy and holiday cheer because the Secret Santa Item Exchange is officially underway!

What is the Secret Santa Item Exchange?

Enivi from all over come together each year to donate gifts to Prancer, who, in turn, spreads the love by redistributing them to fellow Enivi.
It's a heartwarming gesture that creates a cozy atmosphere across Eniv during the winter season.

To participate, send your thoughtful gifts to the Admin account. Whether it's items, MYOs, or Enivi looking to travel to new herds, every contribution counts.
Just remember, it's all about the sentiment – no currency is allowed!

Feel free to wrap your gifts with Sophie's Shoppe wrapping paper if you're feeling extra festive.
On December 26th, Prancer will sprinkle joy by randomly distributing gifts to everyone who joined, accompanied by an extra special gift from her.

Important Dates to Note:

Secret Santa Item Exchange Begins: December 9th, 2023 
Secret Santa Item Exchange Ends: December 25th, 2023
Secret Santa Item Exchange Gifts Given: December 26th, 2023
<a href=" Celebration Wrapped Gift" class="display-item">Holiday Celebration Wrapped Gift</a>


Hold on to your Sudoku skills – we're a bit delayed with the December Sudoku, but fear not, it's on its way.
Brace yourselves for an exciting, coded on-site weekly Sudoku game set to release this month.
We're skipping the monthly Sudoku to avoid any confusion, so get ready to dive back into puzzle-solving soon!


We've been tidying up Eniv with some fantastic updates!

Firstly, we bid farewell to duplicate items as we phased out the Marbled, Pearlescent, and Gilded Base Applicators, replacing them with the Rare Color-Changing Potion.
Enjoy the broader spectrum of options!

We're also sprucing up our Story Prompts!
Expect more details and beautiful images accompanying each prompt.
Our recent cleanups include Childhood Memories, First Blessing Ritual, and Family Portrait.
Stay tuned for more updates and new additions to our prompt collection!

Thank you for your patience as we continue to enhance the site. It's been a busy year, and we're thrilled about the exciting plans awaiting us in 2024!



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