It's a Blizzard! Snowballs, Slime, and MORE!

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Time to grab your essentials—bread, milk, and eggs, Eniv is in for a snowy treat!
Puffy clouds sweep across the once blue sky, unleashing a wall of snow.
Whether you see it as a challenge or a chance for fun, let's dive into the excitement!

Snowy Scavenger Hunt

A brand-new scavenger hunt is underway, and the site is filled with surprises—snowballs and even a touch of slime?
It may seem odd, but no worries, the challenge is on!
Team up, share your discoveries in the Discord Server, and don't forget to bundle up with a cozy scarf!


Last Call for Wintery Eniv

Our Winter Sale Eniv won't stick around much longer, so act fast to make them part of your herd before they journey on in search of the perfect home.
These lovely Enivi disappearly on January 1st, so don't freeze up!

(Click the image to see the Enivi's sale page)
GEN-216: Ice Caster

GEN-217: Festive Dreams

Flash Prompt Extravaganza

With the whimsical weather, share your Enivi's adventures—reacting to the snow, hunting for snowballs, or discovering slime in the snow.
It's a Flash Prompt, so let your creativity flow, but don't worry about overdoing it!
Submit to the Sketches/Doodles/Etc Gallery by midnight PST on December 31st, and enjoy an extra bounty of 2 Snowballs and 2 Slimeballs!

Prancer's Gratitude and Gifts

A heartfelt thank you from Prancer for joining this year's Secret Santa Item Exchange!
Your generosity has warmed her heart. She's diligently sorted and distributed the gifts and even left a little something extra for everyone—just in case.
Prancer's still here for a few more days, so don't miss out on more surprises!

Thank You for a Fantastic Year

To our amazing Eniv community, thank you for a year of wonderful memories!
We're wishing you all a joyful winter season and looking forward to sharing more adventures in 2024!



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