Wise and curious, the Lunaesi honor their deity through research and education.

The Lunaesi are tranquil, yet self-assured. These Enivi are known for their quick-wit and inquisitive nature. The smallest of the three herds, the Lunaesi spend much of their time in contemplation and study. Lunaesi strive for exploration and discovery of the world around them. They seek explanation, and work to understand all things, magical and otherwise. This, they believe, is how best to honor the deity Lunae.

Best known for their cartography skills, they've aided other herds with maps, charts, calendars, and advice for travel. While they generally keep to themselves, they have a deep sense of the world around them, and are always willing to help another herd in need.



Physical Appearance

The second smallest of the herds, the Lunaesi are often overlooked, but what they lack in size they make up for in their devout study.
Once blessed by Lunae, kids of the Lunaesi herd tend to grow downward-curving horns and fluffy manes that typically extend down their neck and chest.
Like all Enivi, Lunaesi have vertical pupils that can expand and contract. Being primarily nocturnal, Lunaesi can often be found with large, round pupils.




Overseen by the Lunar Senate, the life and education of a Lunaesi is generally decided early on.

The Lunar Senate oversees most aspects of Lunaesi life, including education, healthcare, and trade with the other herds.
They also ensure every Lunaesi family is housed, fed, and has access to life-sustaining resources.
Members of the senate are voted in by the Lunaesi. There is no limit to how long a member may serve, but elections are held every five solar cycles (years).

Kids are raised by their parents and taught in a rigorous public education system. Here, the kids are taught basic education with a heavy focus on history, math, and science.
Lucky kids from families who can afford it may also attend specialized private schools, which must still follow the guidelines set by the Lunar Senate, but are considered of higher quality than their public counterparts as smaller classroom sizes lead to more time each teacher can dedicate to their individual students.
Enivi who showed stellar aptitude are then pushed into higher education courses in universities, while those who did not excel seek out work in more menial labor. 
While all Lunaesi are considered valuable to their society, there is a higher quality of life for those who succeed in their studies. Careers within the government and research are highly sought after.

Along with their research, the Lunaesi have a rich fishing industry that both feeds their herd and is exported and traded with the other herds. Many of their cities are built along large lakes and rivers, which they use for transportation, power, and fishing. 

Due to their near-constant stargazing, many of the crops Lunaesi grow are also nocturnal. While it's not unusual to see a Lunaesi out during the day, it's been theorized that they do their best work and are most clear-minded at night.

The Lunaesi way of life has given Eniv some of their most brilliant minds and life-changing discoveries, however it has been criticized by the other herds, and by some Lunaesi themselves.

"How can a herd with so many brilliant minds have such a large separation between its social classes?"
The question came from a curious Vespiri upon their first visit to the capital city of Gibbous. 

"All our citizens are well cared for. Everyone is fed and housed," a member of the Lunar Senate responded. "It's only natural that some Enivi will be more ambitious than others. Those are the Enivi that thrive rather than survive."

The statement was met with mixed responses from the Lunaesi general public.




Overall, the Lunaesi are diligent and curious. They seek to follow Lunae's example of being ever-watchful.



Gentle muse and keeper of fate, Lunae is the cunning deity of the Lunaesi clan.

The second child of the Great Na, Lunae is one of the original creators of the world, Eniv.

It is said that when Ortus fought the dragon and stole the beast's heart, it was not killed. Instead, it sought revenge against the thief and the Enivi. It stalked through the darkness, stealing Enivi away to devour them while it waited for its chance at revenge.

Lunae had foreseen this, and quickly developed a plan to keep the Enivi, and their sibling Ortus safe. Lunae pulled their own eyes from their body, and cast them out into the darkness, creating soft, glowing orbs. The many "false hearts" of the stars confused the dragon, but did not drive it away.

However, with Lunae's ever-watchful eyes forever gazing upon the monster, its attacks were prevented. When the dragon realized it could not win, the beast crept back to its fiery home. The Enivi and Ortus alike were free from danger once more.

Now, Lunae guards the Enivi people from the night sky. Always vigilant, and always there to guide them.

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