Shop Keepers ・ Part of Lunaera Born: 26 June 2016 - Died: Unknown

Born into the Lunaesi herd, Sophie was always an inquisitive Enivi. 
Sophie's parents were well known shop owners themselves, owning one of the largest textile markets in the Cresent Bay area. This gave the young Enivi a start in many ways.
Not only did Sophie grow up watching her parents run their successful business, she was also sent to one of the leading private schools in her city.

Once she graduated, she was offered a chance at an apprenticeship for the city's agricultural management program.
On a trip between her home city and the Ortusi capital, her caravan was running low on supplies. With only the few, far spread ranger stations to get help, she saw a need that could be filled.

After the trip, Sophie promptly bowed out of her well-respected position and began filing the forms to open the first ever storefront in the Crossroads.

Finally, Sophie's Shoppe opened along the main intersection of paths within the Crossroads, giving traveling Enivi a place to refuel.
More interestingly, Sophie began to stock goods no one else could seem to keep in regular supply. Enivi began to travel from near and far to find what they were looking for.

"I've always wanted to find a way to help other Enivi come together," Sophie stated in an interview for The Glowing Moon Gazette. "Here, Enivi from all the herds can travel and speak to one another freely. Some come just to shop, and others to make new friends. It's very fulfilling."