The Vespiri Imperatum

Deeply connected to the world beyond, the Vespiri are considered the gateway between life and death.

The Vespiri are silent and introspective. These Enivi are known as the oracles of their people, and are best known for their foresight and as caretakers of those who passed. They live mostly secluded from the other herds, keeping to their own and holding tightly to ancient tradition.

Although they are often viewed as unapproachable by the other herds, the Vespiri are compassionate and imaginative. They've created great works of art, literature, and music in the Enivin culture, and have been said to be able to touch the very souls of others with their craft.

They also have a deep connection to the Spirit Realm, and are charged with aiding the souls of all Enivi after death, and in ensuring all goes well during the birth of new Enivi. The Vespiri are often called to the side of gravely ill or fatally injured to help them ready for "the long journey". Grim as it may sound, the Vespiri are both revered and feared due to their loyalty to the deity Vesperum.



Physical Appearance

Standing just a bit smaller than the Ortusi, Vespiri are a middle-ground for the herds as far as height.
Their build is most commonly lithe, with long legs and elegant necks. They often can be confused as taller than they appear due to their long, spiraling horns, a gift from Vesperum themself.

Due to their light build, Vespiri often have small, dainty hooves with soft pads which make them near-silent as they walk.



Led by the Council of Five Seers, the Vespiri are serene and devout.

Despite the beauty of their soul-lit cities, this herd is the most feared.
Vespiri follow the sacred word of their deity, Vesperum, who tends to the souls of Enivi who have passed beyond the veil to the other realm.
To keep with their teachings, Vespiri spend much of their time tending to the souls with their temples, creating beautiful works of art to honor their beliefs, and traveling to Enivi who are in need of their particular gifts.,
With death comes life, and Vespiri are often called for both passings and births.

Life within the Vespiri herd is generally happy. The Five Seers listen for the words of Vesperum and direct the Enivi to their individual tasks, but otherwise the lifestyle of the Vespiri is up to the individual. 
Some farm while others fish or help teach the kids. Each Vespiri knows their own purpose and works to be a useful member of the herd as a point of  both servitude and pride.

Kids are generally raised communally, sometimes within small communities and sometimes within centers in large cities. The whole of the herd is considered family and there is normally an abundance of love to be shared.
Kids are given a deep understanding and respect for life, death, and the cycle. They're taught from a young age that it's all very natural, and how to care for souls who are reluctant to move on.

These souls are stored within great temples, where the Vespiri give each their own small monument to house them. Souls flit around the temples while the Vespiri sing to them, read portions of their favorite books, and create works of art to sooth them until they're content enough to join Vesperum. Becoming a Temple Tender is an incredible honor, and requires years of hard work and training.

If asked, a Vespiri will generally tell you they have no government. They believe they are overseen by Vesperum themself and generally won't question an order given to them by the council. 
The council must always have five members. When one begins their quest beyond the veil, another is instantly chosen as they depart. Somewhere in Eniv, a Vespiri will receive a vision from Vesperum, telling them their time to serve as a council member has come. That Enivi must then return immediately to the capital city of Veslium to take their place among the council and become a voice for their deity. 

As with all the herds, the Vespiri are not without their downsides.
Whispers that the council has become corrupt have slowly spread through other herds, claiming they've begun to choose their own replacements rather than abide by the summons.

When asked, most Vespiri either dismiss it or change the subject.
The council has denied the accusation outright.

"We are and always have been the voice of Vesperum," one of the Five stated. "In life and death, we serve, and we would never ignore their will."



Vespiri believe in the good of all Enivi.
They believe that in helping others, they've helped themselves and done the will of Vesperum, which is why they're willing to travel near and far to help usher the dead to their resting places, regardless of herd or faith.



Vesperum, like their siblings, is one of the three children of the Great Na, and one of the original creators of the world.

When an Enivi's light begins to fade and their life is close to ending, it is said that Vesperum appears by their side.

Loving and gentle, Vesperum tends to the souls of Enivi who have passed, and aids in the communication between the living and the dead.

While Vesperum is rarely involved in conflict, and is considered to be a neutral party, they play an important part in keeping the balance in the world, and giving guidance to those who are lost.

After being born, Ortus, Lunae, and Vesperum became lost in the darkness of The Great Void. While Ortus and Lunae wandered, Vesperum befriended the spirits around them. These spirits helped Vesperum to create a great and shining beacon, which could be seen through the darkness, and reunited the three deities. This reunion resulted in the creation of not only the moon, but Eniv itself.

Now, Vesperum gently shepherds those who have passed. They also remain as a pillar of peace between their siblings, holding the three united, and the world together.

Member Figure

Herd Leaders: Grand Speaker Wymund

Associated Event

Herd Celebrations: The Guiding Light Festival