Grand Speaker Wymund

Herd Leaders ・ Part of The Vespiri Imperatum
The mouth of Vesper.

Grand Speaker Wymund is the eldest of the Council of 5 Seers, and has been on the council the longest.

Born as the son of another Council member, it was always said he would do great things. From a young age he had been given visions from Vesper, and seemed to be hoof-chosen for the council since birth by the deity themself. 

As he grew, so did his magic and connection to Vesper. His visions were said to be "as focused and clear as a Soul Shard", and he was quickly promoted from Temple Tender to Soul Binder. When his parent on the Council passed, it only seemed fitting that Wymund take their seat.

Many claimed this action was "long overdue".

Once on the Council of 5 Seers, his visions intensified. He seemed to always know what Vesper wanted or needed, and could interpret the messages sent to others with ease, earning himself the nickname "Mouth of Vesper", which later grew into a title of it's own; Grand Speaker. 

When Grand Speaker Wymund joins Vesper the title is not intended to pass on until another with such a skill for deciphering Vesper's word is shown.