Dreadwood Tree

Carnivorous Plants
These gnarled trees lay dormant until their prey is near enough.

Dreadwood trees are one of the many dangerous beings that reside within the Dark Forest. 
They are known for staying completely still until it's prey is within grabbing distance, at which point the tree will stretch it's limbs forward and grab the unsuspecting animal. 
Sharp, stone-like teeth are made for gnawing and tearing flesh. Lunaesi scientists have said their prey often doesn't realize they're being attacked until it's too late.

There is an old legend that if an Enivi harvests the root of this plant under specific conditions, they could grow a Dreadwood that is loyal to them, but this knowlege seems lost to time.

Stats Guide

Health: 30
Defense: 25

Loot Guide

Dreadwoods drop a variety of helpful items including;

  • Gnarled Driftwood Legs
  • Ancient Sprouts
  • FiddleFern Tails
  • Mystery Bugs (x5)
  • Dark Swirling Potions
  • Leafwing Fruit Bats
  • Fertilizer (x10)
  • Basic Wooden Shield
  • Not-A-Stick Staff