Devouring Slime

Carnivorous Plants
While once thought to be an animal, a test of the base showed this is, indeed, a very hungry plant.

The Devouring Slime is a terrifying sight to behold. Often, they are filled with the remains of their previous victims. 
Though not quick, these monsters are silent as they make their way across the forest floor of the Dark Forest, pulling in anything they touch.
There is debate as to if these plants are mindful, or simply driven automatically by hunger, but even the bravest Ortusi warriors are wary of them.

Stats Guide

Hit Points: 50
Strength: 50
Defense: 10

Loot Guide

Devouring Slime, once destroyed, is known to drop the possessions of their previous victims;

  • Mysterious Slime
  • Basic Wooden Shield
  • Light Magic Spell Level 1
  • Ebon Leather Tunic Chest
  • Mud Mask
  • Gems (x20)
  • Star Shards (x100)
  • Rising Moon Chest