Still Mirror Lake

Natural Landmark inside The Crossroads
A natural, crystalline lake located in the Crossroads.


General Info

Herd Association: Neutral
Location: The Crossroads


This vast watersource is located in the neutral territory between the herdlands, the Crossroads.

True to it's name, Still Mirror Lake is known for it's calm, reflective surface, disrupted only by Enivi and the occassional splashing of fish.
The water itself has magical properties. Neither fresh nor salt, the water seems to be a strange mix of minerals, water, and magic that create a perfect balance for any species of fish. An Enivi could catch an ocean fish and a river fish in the same day at Still Mirror Lake. Oddly enough, the time of year does seem to have an effect on which fish are more likely to bite.

Perhaps due to the magical water, the lake's history swirls with myths and legends.

Some claim if you stare deeply enough into the water at just the right time, you'll be able to see images of the Dieties themselves!
Others claim if you stare into the lake too long your soul will be captured and pulled down into the waters to fuel the magic of the lake.
Rumors of a terrible monster sleeping just below the gentle surface have spread amongst the kids as well.

Despite intense study by the Lunaesi, the source of Still Mirror Lake's magic has yet to be discovered.

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